User Is Always Right: We Have Tested It

You have to know how to test on a real people if you want to have a great product. So we learned.

On June 20 we hosted our first ever UX Meetup at Vendavo offices in Ostrava. The topic of the event was User Testing. We had a really special guest speaker — Berka BerkaUX, the Czech user experience doyen and consultant, founder of UX Well education (

We spend 2.5+ hours listening and talking about the basics of user testing and much more beyond. Berka guided us through the process of preparation, execution and evaluation of testing products with users. Then we followed up with a practical hands-on workshop. Divided into groups of three people we conducted short user testing scenarios by ourselves. Some of us were in the role of researchers, others have sat in the participant seat, and we all have been observers.

Berka’s long expertise in the UX field was present in all additional questions we had. We learned why the test task should be independent, why is important to speak the language of the users or why we should let test participants find their own way to solve the task.

Speaking on behalf of all attendees I can say we had a great time and we are looking forward to next UX meetup we want to organize within a couple of months in Ostrava again.

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