Announcing —a $5M seed-stage fund by crazy entrepreneurs, for crazy entrepreneurs
Nov 12, 2015 · 2 min read

Today, we’re excited to announce the launch of — a $5M seed-stage fund located in Boulder and San Francisco managed by the three of us — Brett Jackson, Benny Joseph and Bart Lorang.

Our advisors include Brad Feld, Dave Carlson, David Cohen, Steve Halstedt, Molly Nasky and Nick Wyman.

We started out of our true passion to help obsessed entrepreneurs build impactful companies.

Our operating philosophy is simple:

  • We are empathetic towards entrepreneurs. We understand how hard the entrepreneurial struggle is (hell — we are living it ourselves every single day). We know it takes a decade to build something of real value, and we promise we’re going to be there side-by-side with the entrepreneur through the long hard journey ahead.
  • We typically invest $50K in the earliest stages of a company, with $50K reserved for follow-on investment.
  • We will invest in 50–60 companies over the next four years of the fund.
  • We will focus on investing primarily in four themes that we are calling: 1) Datasphere 2) Killing the Middleman 3) Enterprise 3.0, and 4) Talking Machines.
  • When making an investment, we think about how the future will look a decade from now, and ask ourselves “Does the future need this to exist and will it be important in years 2025–2029?

That’s pretty much it. Straightforward and no bullshit.

We’ve designed this very intentionally.

When we set out to create, we spent a ton of time on our core values as a partnership to make sure we wouldn’t ever be perceived as “The Dark Side.”

Rather, we want to be viewed as fellow entrepreneurs in partnership with the companies we work with.

Because, to us, it keeps coming back to the entrepreneur and the relationship we have with them. Without the relationship with the entrepreneur, nothing else matters.

So as we embark on this journey together, we will always strive to be upfront, honest and empathetic to our fellow entrepreneurs.

It’s also important to recognize that we are entrepreneurs ourselves., after all, is a “v.1” itself! We view this as our startup. We will be screwing up plenty along the way. After all, shit happens in entrepreneurship. It’s how you respond to that shit that matters.

We’d like to thank everyone for their support.

Our LPs and our advisors have been invaluable, but the true superstars have been our wives.

Without their love and support, would never have gotten off the ground.

Alessandra, Jamie and Sarah — thank you.

That’s it for now — we’re excited to see what the next ten years brings!

— Brett, Benny and Bart Blog

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