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8 Ideas to Organise an Awesome Virtual Alumni Reunion

We are living in a brand new era where things have changed drastically due to COVID and so are organizing the Alumni Reunions.

Due to the online work culture where we are flooded with virtual meetings, people are considering any online activity to be part of a work and therefore there is no excitement left to join online events, especially events full of speeches.

Therefore, organizing a Virtual Alumni Reunion has become the biggest challenge for Alumni Officers nowadays. So what you can do, to make your Virtual Reunion more engaging and exciting for your Alumni?

Here we present 8 great ideas to organize an awesome virtual alumni reunion.

  1. Batch/ Class Theme:
    Invite alumni to join the reunion in T-Shirt Colours allocated for their batch/class. Reunion Invitation should mention the instructions for alumni, eg Class of 2009 in Yellow, Class of 2013 in Green, etc. The idea behind having a batch-wise theme is to start networking invitations. There are many other ideas for having a theme-based virtual event.
  2. Icebreaker:
    To avoid awkward silence, start with a polling competition on T-shirt colors to check which batch is having the highest strength and award them with the tag “Best Batch with Strong Network”. This will build up the audience as alumni will look forward to making their batch win. Poll competition can be done using poll options available in online meeting/ webinar platforms. If the audience is less, one can just use a simple chat option to start this amazing activity.
  3. Entertainment:
    Invite 2 alumni for performance (guitar performance, standup comedian or singer or poet). This is a great Branding Exercise for Alumni to showcase their talent on a platform engaging a huge audience.
  4. Motivation for Juniors:
    Call 2 eminent alumni to talk about their success story by sharing about their journey after graduating from college. This is again a great branding exercise to showcase your eminent alumni and provides a platform for alumni to motivate their juniors.
  5. Nostalgic Quiz:
    Ask the audience what they remember about their Alma mater. You can make presentation on old pictures, faculty members, pictures of fest, etc. and ask attendees to answer. You can use chat or poll to get answers from attendees.
  6. Share Vision
    Invite Secretary to share about the Alumni Association and its vision and why and how they want to engage more alumni. This is a short speech yet important to convey the message of the Alumni Association to its members. Try to accommodate this between two entertainment performances to maintain the strength of attendees.
  7. Initiate Alumni Development Programs:
    Initiate Alumni Development/ Engaging/ Welfare/ Mentoring Program and invite the President to appeal.
  8. End up with a thanksgiving session from the Institution for becoming a part of their growth.

We hope this will help you organize an awesome Virtual Alumni Reunion in near future engaging maximum alumni.

Happy Reunion! :)

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