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Designing a Profile Recommendation Module for Employers

Oct 3 · 3 min read

Help employers find the right talent for the company

1. Hiring Managers do not have much time to look out for potential talents
2. To create a module on top of already existing job board (The reason to not change the interface was because users were already used to it)

Iterations & Design Decisions:
Finding the right talent for a job can be tiring for recruiters than it actually looks. I made sure the process is simple with the user not having to make a lot of effort to find the right profile

Screen 1
Iteration 1 - Sticking to the basics

An anatomy of a simple job search would have elements such as a search Bar and few filters. The default or the initial state would probably look something like this:

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This looks like it serves the purpose right? May be yes but, this can still be made better!

Iteration 2 - Improving the functionality
There was a lot of space below the search bar and I thought it can be used for something that will improve the experience and the overall functionality.

I decided to add 2 columns that will show ‘Top Searched Skills’ & ‘Recently Searched Jobs’.

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You might ask why? Let me tell you

Firstly, this lets the recruiter know what are the areas in which people are actually looking for job
Secondly, they can fetch profiles by just clicking on these and makes their life easier

Screen 2
Iteration 1 - Displaying profiles relevant to the search
The profiles are displayed for the skills or the requisition id’s searched following which the admin/recruiter can take necessary actions.

‘All profiles’ & ‘Actively looking’ tabs are similar to selecting ‘only veg’ in Swiggy app. This basically acts as a filter to just show only open to work profiles thus making the work of the recruiter easier.

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Nothing seems bad about this page right? from ‘tabs’ to ‘send an email’ button to ‘show more’ drop down for the profile details looks like it pretty much has everything sorted right?
But if you put a little more thought you’ll notice that I’ve missed a very important use case here.

You would want to know what it is right?

Iteration 2 - Saving time and making the work easier
A new tab called ‘saved list’ and an option to add profiles to the saved list by clicking on ‘Add to Saved List’ is now included
When the recruiter is looking at more no.of.profiles and only few interests them this ‘Add to Saved List’ option enables the profiles to be shortlisted and also mails can be sent to all those candidates in a single go!!!

Now even scanning of user details is made easier by removing the show more drop down and by default showing details that will be enough to shortlist a profile.

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By selecting the saved list tab all the shortlisted profiles can be seen and a single mail can be sent to all at once. Their names/email id and the information of the sender will be automatically pulled from the database.

That’s all for the first part, In the next part will cover about how the same module will look for job seekers.

Cheers!!! Thanks for taking your time and reading through.

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