Goodbyes are not forever!

Sasi Priya is an alumna of VNR VJIET and an awesome quizzer. She has been an Evangelist with us and is now off to pursue her Masters in Human Resource Management from TISS Mumbai. Here is what she has to say about her experience at Vaave.

My overall experience summed up in a single word is — fabulous. I had a great time working at Vaave. The job was challenging, my colleagues ever helpful and Vaave as a whole, a terrific place to explore myself as a person. The thing that makes Vaave a wonderful place to work at, is the commitment of the core team to the cause that is Alumni Networking and the way they have chosen to go about it. Their clarity of vision and the means to achieve the vision made it very easy for me to connect to Vaave.

I believe my personal growth was linear before Vaave and it was exponential while in Vaave. My best learning from my mentor Yasaswy was understanding people’s needs accurately. Deciphering what a person wants was a difficult task for me earlier, but after working at Vaave and with my team, I am now able to read between the lines of what people are trying to say. I also learnt the importance of focus and continuous improvisation to get things done. Personally, I learnt to be open to new experiences, step out of my comfort zone and be a nicer and kinder person, because that is how people at Vaave are :)

Each day was fun filled and exciting! I can proudly say that while at Vaave I NEVER experienced Monday blues! Not a single day! I always looked forward to going to office, working late hours was never ever a concern because you never realised when the time passed by at all! Lunch and tea times were always the highlights in the day, all the team came together to eat a meal, and there was so much energy and fun in the process you felt revitalized! The conversations! Oh the conversations! on current topics, on office topics, all of them were sprinkled with just that bit of awesomeness, that they were deeply engaging, insightful and fun too! I love Vaave! I miss Vaave :(

It would be such gross injustice to single out one person to thank! The whole team was amazing, the spirit was great, the sense of belonging always ever present, so much so, it is still ‘our Vaave’ for me and not ‘Your Vaave’. Yasaswy and Sanjeev are two people that shaped my Vaave journey and made it what it is. There were turbulent days, there were days that I was disciplined and reprimanded, and it is for those days that I am most grateful to them. I made mistakes and I was given room and opportunity to right them, this helped me immensely in learning how to go about dealing with challenges, personally and professionally.

To Yasaswy and Sanjeev — ‘your concerns with me didn’t go unheard of, I remember the lessons you tried to teach me and continue to learn and grow from them, even today and most probably will continue to do so in the future too’.

We loved having you with us Sasi and you are truly missed!
We wish you tons of learning and wonderful experiences at TISS Mumbai.
We hope to see you back at office soon.
Lots of love,
Team Vaave