Nov 10, 2018 · 4 min read

Travel is a known antidote for stress ­– even just thinking about it can help calm the nerves — and yet, when it comes to putting plans into motion, the experience can be far from relaxing. What should be an exciting task can quickly turn sour navigating various websites, chasing deals, and looking for reliable reviews. Vado sets out to provide an easier, more transparent, and all-in-one alternative.

Travel and wellbeing

We’re all guilty of a little escapism when life starts to get the better of us — or, at least, we should be. According to research undertaken by the Anti-Stress Center, daydreaming is a form of hypnosis that can lower stress levels, as well as blood pressure[1]. And what tops the list of where our minds are most likely to wander to? Our holidays[2]. We’re constantly planning that next great getaway, or dreaming of the perfect destination; spurred on by a social media feed of possibilities, and inspired by more opportunity to turn them into reality than ever before. And when we do, the health benefits of getting away from work and relieving stress can be huge. A recent study, published in the Journal of Nutrition, Health and Aging, suggests there is even a link between taking longer holidays and living a longer life[3].

When it comes to the lead-up to a holiday, however, including planning, preparation and booking flights, it leaves more than a quarter of us (27 per cent) feeling exasperated[4]. According to a separate study, pre-holiday stress affects as many as eight in 10 of us — something that lingers long after departure and affects the entire holiday. Commissioned by Lloyds TSB, the research revealed that 83 per cent of those surveyed became so stressed in the run-up to a holiday that just over a quarter of them suffered physical symptoms and spent the first day or two of their trip in recovery[5]. Clearly, there are a number of contributing factors at play here; but planning the holiday itself shouldn’t be one of them.

A stress-free solution

From deciding on where to go and searching for the best deals at the very outset of planning a holiday, right up to reading through reviews and recommendations the night before, it’s enough to make even the most organised among us feel overwhelmed. We now have an abundance of resources at our disposal, from blogs and social media to the more traditional magazines and brochures; but sometimes all this information just serves to overload us, making it difficult to know where to start. On top of it all, travel comparison websites set out to scare us with flash deals and alerts of limited availability, while fake or sponsored reviews, and overly edited images, undermine our confidence in creating itineraries or choosing where to book.

Stressful indeed — which is where Vado comes in. An all-in-one travel app, Vado is set to address each and every one of these problems via a complete shake up of the travel industry led by you, and others just like you! The Vado community aims to be the largest network of likeminded travel-lovers and businesses the world has ever seen, and a single source for everything to do with organising your trip, to dealing directly with merchants, and seeking the most reliable reviews. Planning your trip with a friend, looking for recommendations, or simply storing an idea for a later date — Vado allows users to save, sort, share and seek inspiring places of interest, trusted advice, and entire itineraries.

Blockchain technology will also be harnessed by Vado to enable transactions to take place directly with merchants, cutting out the middlemen for real-time information, lower costs, greater value and a better range of options from businesses of all sizes. By dealing with merchants directly, there is no room for manipulation, dishonesty or scare tactics — what you see is what you get. Travel booking, planning and organisation will be transparent, accountable, secure and cost effective, while content will be user-generated, user-governed and user-inspired, ensuring information that is completely authentic and reliable.

By combining a wide range of useful features, Vado eliminates the need to download multiple travel, social and booking applications, providing everything you could possibly need in a single, stress-free location — your new favourite place.

Does Vado sound like it’s for you? Check out our website ­and sign up to receive an early bird invitation to the app by January 2019, or let us know your thoughts over on Facebook and Twitter. You can also keep up-to-date with Vado and get inspired by some great travel destinations over on Instagram (@vadoapp).







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