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A Line of Hope

A Vagabond Voices Writing and Living Prompt

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What my hope looks like today

My hope walks ankle-deep
in the sands of the Pacific, and if
the winds of mind whisper
that I may never
return to the shifting sediment
of home, my heart is just
large enough to envision
footsteps tasting

Every day, I throw myself a line of hope — and no, it’s not easy.

Conjuring up the ocean right now is no easy thing. I’m so far from the oceans of ‘home.’ And anyway, with lockdown here in France, I can only go 1 km from my house… If I need to visit the ocean, I must create it.

When I hope, there is always a part of me who is afraid.

The sound of waves has always reminded my body of possibility — all of those endless churning particles reaching skyward, and you are just another fragment joining the waves, losing itself under the surf and in the green, the sifting sands.

When you spin in the salt and grain finds its way back to your own shores — eyes, nose, the edges that you realize have suddenly gone grainy. There is a world welcoming you into its teeming and without question, visa, or passport.

Conjuring up hope can be scary. It leaves you naked in front of what you want and what you fear.

But in writing, as in life, I have learned not to try to run away from emotions.

I wonder, is finding hope a discipline? An artform?

Either way, it’s a practice I engage in often — in my journal, my poetry. I’ve had some beautiful moments.

I invite you to do the same. Throw yourself a line of hope. And to let us know what your search turns up.

What does your hope look like today?

Maybe it comes to you in a doodle, a one-line poem, a haiku, or just a few real words or images that flow from your pen.

I hope whatever you uncover that it brings you peace and opens your eyes to possibility. And if you feel like sharing, bring your story here.

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