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Short Pieces for the Soul

Vagabond Voices: highlights…and hope.

Photo by Ashley Batz on Unsplash

Thanks for taking us so many places. Thanks for being our hope on this adventure.

I wanted to start by saying that I believe in creating and community in challenging times.

And to thank you for being here. Every time I get a beautiful piece of poetry or a story sent my way, I am happy. And quite often, I find myself beyond the walls of my confines, beyond the limited scope of daily existence.

Reading and writing will make walls, boundaries, weeks and months evaporate before your eyes.

Sometimes writing is the way through.

It’s the way to make sense of what you can’t understand and what you haven’t quite had time to live yet. It’s a way of weighing the reality, deciding what’s next. Or at least giving each other words with which to know what we’re living.

Sometimes writing is the way out.

I also want to say that sometimes, when you’re ‘in it’ what you really need is that book, that story…or that creation of your own to transport you away.

Some of us right now are writing tiny pieces of fiction, found poems, creating experiments…

Is it ok to write something just to soothe yourself?

Just because writing is there for you and you enjoy it? Just to experiment.

It is here.

Send me your precious words, moments, emotions.

Large or small.

Send me the words that come to you from the depths, or the words that flit the surface of your newly shortened attention span (I know it’s not just me, and it really is ok.)

An invitation: Short Pieces for the Soul

You don’t have to write on this topic if you have something…longer, more focused. Send it my way.

But if you can think of a simple and small daily moment that you’d like to capture and send it our way? Or zoom out and tell us about a place you’d love to travel? If you want to forget everything and create a found poem, blackout poem…collage.

Do it. And send us those short pieces for your soul. They’ll have their home here.

The important thing is to stay inspired, stay creative…and to stay in touch.

And now, a special thanks to our incredible authors.

Ellen Bratsche making a first appearance on Medium with her story In the Rain.

Gosia Rokicka experimenting with Italian and collage poetry in Come il ghepardo. In collaboration with writer and teacher Silvia Perrone in a workshop I’m told is not to be missed — you can find her teaching website here.

You can find Silvia Perrone’s own story Careful What You Wish For in this edition as well.

Find a safe space with Jessica Tefenkgi Ruelle in The Voice of the Inner Child.

All We Have is Today by Mary McGrath who is an incredibly consistent and incredibly talented writer… (and that photo is also stunning).

Sylph Hemery gifted us with several gems this month. Among them The Cliff, and Ethereal Happiness.

And Dakota Wienges joined us with You Are Sea Glass, Darling.

And I’m going to mention a few pieces not in this publication just because they were beautiful…and I know you’ll love them.

Postcard Places by Marta Mozolewska in Snapshots. Travel through photos, you will not be disappointed.

On the Danube (Sándor Petőfi)one of Joe Váradi’s incredible translations from Hungarian. Read it because it’s beautiful…and be doubly amazed at the translation.

And Sylvia Wohlfarth’s piece Traveling When You Can’t. Which is about as close as you can get to the original thing.

I’ll have more to say on traveling through stories next week…until then…

I’d love to hear short bits of inspiration (or long ones)

Elena Mutonono, Isabella Moimaz, Elena Gabrielli, Mathieu Roy, Karina Pearl Thorne, Grazyna Wilk, Mongia Elabed, Linda Alley, Gayle Macdonald, Maria Milojković, MA, Gail Walter, Kamga Tchassa, Zarina Dara 🥀💃🏻, Francine Fallara, Isaac Middle, Agnes Louis, Sonia Motwani, Shruti Sinha, Jan Sibiga, Lisa Bolin, Marta Mozolewska, Vaishali Paliwal, Pablo Pereyra



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