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Everyday stories #3

The things that revive

They leave us happy

Photo by Taylor Binkley on Unsplash

The things that revive
they are reasonable
only partially.

That’s why
we go out home just when it starts raining,
we learn to give the last piece
of chocolate,
we waste a lot of time
loving each other.

The things that revive
they steal from us
what life has given on loan.

The things that revive,
for an incomplete list of reasons,
they leave us happy.

Le cose che rinascono
sono ragionevoli
solo in parte.

Perciò usciamo di casa
proprio quando inizia a piovere,
impariamo a regalare
l’ultimo pezzetto di cioccolata,
perdiamo tanto tempo
a volerci bene.

Le cose che rinascono
ci rubano
ciò che la vita ci ha dato in prestito.
Le cose che rinascono,
per un incompleto elenco di motivi,
ci lasciano felici.

I accepted Trisha Traughber’s prompt.
And I thought about a little poem I wrote some time ago.

It’s a poem about things that revive.
About things,
even small, very small,
which are not limited to their existence,
but unfold.
Like seeds of dandelions;
like musical notes
that propagate in the air
and give rise to emotions, and make you sing softly;
as gifts,
how to notice who needs to be listened to.

We don’t have to do them all alone.
Our humanity seeks the way
to meet,
to live together rather than survive.

Things revive when they are greater than us.
And they don’t need to be so much greater,
it is enough for them to emerge,
it is enough they are
the tip of the iceberg.

Thank you to Trisha Traughber for the beautiful writing prompt:



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