A List of Quora Questions You Should Read About Superdry

I bought a Superdry jacket a few months ago and realized I don’t really know anything about Superdry, so I looked up some information about Superdry via the semi-popular Q&A site, Quora, and here are those answers.

1. What is the story behind the strange Japanese slogan for Superdry: 極度乾燥しなさい?

The answer: “It doesn’t really make sense in Japanese, no. I did a quick search and found a lot of Japanese blogs (like this one) that discussed how weird it is that a British company is using a Japanese slogan which doesn’t make sense.

My guess is that the company machine-translated the phrase “make it super dry” (or got someone to do it with a dictionary), and just like the countless Japanese companies that use English text on their products, didn’t care too much if it looked strange to a small percentage of people who can read it.”

2. Why is Superdry so popular in the UK?

The answer: Superdry’s prominence in the UK is a mastery of knowledge of this ‘law of threes’, combining Americana-influenced textiles and cutlines with Japanese fonts while being sold to a hungry British audience.

3. What’s the target customer and market for Superdry?

The answer: In training for staff at Superdry we are told that EVERYONE is our target audience, this is why we do so many ranges and styles, anyone could come into Superdry and anyone could want to buy them.

It started as just to Men, then in the early 2000s they created Superdry Womens, but since recent years, the target audience is anyone and everyone.

4. What marketing strategy is “superdry” using?

The answer: Sell above average quality, at a below average price, coupled with strong design elements. When you have very strong value proposition, products tends to generate their own momentum and success.

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