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Letter sent on Jun 9, 2017

hello again

9 things i did one (recent) saturday in new york city by myself, except 2 of them were not by myself and one of those 2 things was in new jersey.

you can read that here: https://medium.com/vaguely-feel/9-things-i-did-by-myself-one-saturday-in-new-york-city-9312eeea2355

also: my friend Glen Binger interviewed me for his blog, i may have already told you this, but here you go again: bit.ly/2r9F24W

AND — taco jehovah is only $2,000,000 on the internet right now, so you don’t want to miss out, get your copy right away: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06XYTV2C1


josh @ vaguely feel