Stuff I’m Into Right Now

Part 1

Hey, I’m a person. I read and consume a lot of different stuff. I’ll start cataloging more of that and what I recommend. Some will be creative, some fun, some business-y, some religious. Hope that’s cool.


Seinfeldia by Jennifer Keishin Armstrong

Just about 100 pages in, but a nice, comprehensive look at the history and obsession with Seinfeld.

Lion Attack! by Oliver Mol

Young writer from Australia who breaks down modern workday stuff and obsessions. Lot of shoutouts to old Internet acquaintances in this.

Skeletons in God’s Closet by Joshua Ryan Butler

Discusses how God’s love and plan is bigger than we first imagined. And why some of the concepts like mercy and justice work together.


Startup Podcast: Recent episodes have a look at Dov Charney, the failed and controversial leader of American Apparel.

Sho Baraka, Narrative. It’s Monday and a friend of mine just recommended this on Friday. I’m still digesting it, but this is super legit rap. Each song marks a milestone either in Baraka’s personal history or the history of culture that means something to him. Still taking it in.

Civilian, You Wouldn’t Believe How Much Privilege Costs.Powerful indie rock from Nashville, like a more rambunctious Death Cab.

You Blew It! Abendrot: One of the leaders of the emo revival or something, but this one is more introspective than the others.


Westworld on HBO

Abandoned on Vice. My new favorite show and hosted by a former skateboarder, he visits abandoned places and recounts the history of the area. Must-see.

Arrival. Great film by the director of Sicario and Prisoner. Though it’s different than those, a few themes remain: how do we uncover and discover the secrets around us?

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