vaguely feel like i’m one part vitamin water and one part sugar water

We used to drink La Croix but we drink the off-brand now.

There was a time for like a month when I was only eating ‘natural foods’ which meant I couldn’t buy the $1 ICE flavored water at the store because it has weird chemicals in to make it taste good.

Sometimes we buy the Dasani, which is just helping Coca-Cola in their quest for world domination.

We are so tired of water that we need new flavors of water and there are kids that have no water.

My three year-old is even bored with regular water.

As a kid, we had this sugar dish near the coffee (I own a similar dish) and I would take the sugar and dump it in the water to make it taste ‘better.’

We even dipped our strawberries in straight sugar, which is like the sweetest fruit God ever invented.

No matter what God makes it’s not good enough for us. We gotta add something to it.

Let’s just be thankful for water.

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