vaguely feel that a wolf will eat my daughter.

My daughter is three years old and is frightened/not frightened by wolves.

She has a hate-hate-hate-love relationship with wolves.

The other day…

My daughter said she dreamed about wolves at the bottom of the slide at a waterpark.

The wolves are out there, she says.

But, she has a love/hate relationship with wolves.

Often, she wants us to call her “Wolfie” like she’s part of a miniature biker gang.

She has never seen a real wolf in person.

But they haunt her TV shows.

If she watches a Disney show, there will be a wolf.

If she watches a Nick Jr. show, there will be a wolf.

We even watched a movie about storks and there were wolves in it.

WREAM — Wolves Rule Everything Around Me.

In the Storks movie, there are wolves and they really like this baby but the wolves are superheroes and I would watch a movie just about those wolves.

The wolves turn into a submarine.

The wolves make a wolf bridge.

The wolves make a wolf mini-van. Amazing.

One of my daughter’s favorite albums to listen to is Peter and The Wolf Narrated by David Bowie.

Yes, the musical with no words, except for the voice of David Bowie. We hum the lines together. I’m not sure why she got hooked on Peter and The Wolf, but she is.

While we were watching Storks, I asked her if she had a problem with the wolves and she said no.

You can always trust a wolf at their word.