The New Blog

Dated: September 05, 2012

Yes! I have finally done it. After delaying it for so long, I have finally made my new blog. Its not complete yet but its mostly done. There is a lot I have been wanting to write for some time now and I don’t like the idea of using or Blogspot or Blogger or any other blogging platform out there for some reason. I want my blog, made with love and care! :) My old blog was made on Wordpress and an existing theme I had almost completely customized. This new blog is made using Hyde. Hyde is a static site generator, like Jekyll which powers Github Pages, and it is written in Python. Why did I not choose Jekyll — because of Python. I know Python and I don’t know Ruby. I didn’t even have plans to learn it or anything about it. Hyde, on the other hand, is built on top of a Django, one of the best web frameworks out there and it uses Jinja2 for templating.

As I said, this blog is only almost complete. So you will see things changing and new things coming in very soon here.

Also, I expressed that I wish to write. And that’s true. Unfortunately, I have exams starting tomorrow in college. So my actual first blog post on this shiny new blog of mine is due.

Breaking news — if you are/were looking for any of my old blog posts, I am sorry I am not going to put them back because I can’t — I lost my old blog’s backup. Yes, that raises a lot of questions — “did you not have a backup”, etc. Something messy happened sometime back when I lost a lot of my precious data, including the backup of my old blog. So… really sorry!

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