A massive aggressive activity of multiple levels of consciousness, aimed at unwanted events in future, at future generally, in which these events can occur, all real and imaginary causes of such events (including current situation), time, oneself, other people, this world, and God, who created “such” world.

In effect, this is a rejection of God’s will that created current situation with its future real and probable consequences. This is one of the most dangerous kinds of aggression, inflicting maximum harm on a man and the world around him/her.

Fear is a direct aggression to God.

Not just an emotion

Fear is generally referred to as an emotion. But in order to efficiently eliminate fear, its causes and consequences, this article assumes a wider range of recognized and unnoticed movements of consciousness and subconsciousness than merely an emotion.

Working with fear

Suggests elimination of both fear itself and its causes that manifested in a specific situation.

One of the main causes of fear is dependence. E.g. a fear of material loss may have a dependence on well-being and money as a basis. Fear of loneliness — dependence on relations, clinging to a beloved person. Under fear of death — dependence on life.

Some situations may have multiple dependences manifested. See: work on aggression and dependences.