There are different kinds of prayers: a supplication, a gratitude, a worship, etc. This article offers reflections on a supplication prayer, a request for help, mercy, and forgiveness.

A meaning of a prayer

A man turns to God, saints, Teachers, asks for forgiveness of “sins” and, as a consequence, for a resolution of an arisen problem.

To receive God’s forgiveness is an opportunity to stop the punishment. Thus, to eliminate obstacles to problem resolution and get one’s wish fulfilled. Herewith, a man understands and accepts that the main reason for these obstacles is his/her own imperfection: incorrect worldviews, dependences, and permitted aggressive actions (incl. words and thoughts).

When a man asks God for forgiveness, he acknowledges his/her mistakes and is determined not to repeat them in future.

Internal change

Repentance occurs. A man changes internally. At least, within the threshold of problems and views arisen in connection with a given situation. The stronger the faith and aspiration to God, the deeper the transformation. As are changes to the external situation.

Holy Sepulchre Church, Jerusalem.