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Review: Space Sweepers (9/10)

Netflix new Korean sci-fi movie, “Space Sweepers” open the eyes of many towards the high-quality of Korean cinematography. After the Oscar winning “Parasite” directed by Bong Jong Ho, help in raising moviegoers awareness towards the quality of Korean made movies many people starting to eye on what is next for the Korean film industry.

Space theme movies or TV-Series have been long dominated by the Hollywood with Star Wars, Star Trek, and many others. However for the Asia film industry, the so called “space” related movies are not that popular to be made just yet.

Space Sweepers (pictures own by Netflix)

When the “Space Sweepers” first teaser released on May 6, 2020 expectation started to build up after seeing the star studded casts and Hollywood-like CGI capabilities. The budget for the production itself create buzz in the industry with 24 million Korean won (equivalent to US$21.2 million), making it one of the most expensive movie made by the Korean.

From Left to Right: Robot Bubs, Captain Jang, Tae-ho, and Tiger Park

The movie also have a strong star studded cast with A-list Drama-actor Song Joong-Ki, who are widely recognized from his drama “Descendant of the Sun” followed by film-maker favorite Kim Tae Ri, create a lot of headlines in the media too. The film itself supposedly premiered in the movie theater on Summer 2020, however due to the Covid-19 situation in South Korea, the production house later postponed its released and finally sent it to Netflix for the world-wide audience.

Summary of the movie:

The film itself have some similar storyline with other space movies, where the Earth has become nearly uninhabitable that there is no other way but to live in other planet or special designed space-craft. However the twist that they make was that there are people who still live on Earth despite the pollution and viruses on the planet. Also the leader of UTS corporation, who create the new home for humanity in the space choose to create new colony on Mars rather than saving the Earth for whatever reason.

Then the plot follows the crew of space junk collector ship “Victory” (Korean: Seung-Ri), who consist of Tae-ho (Song Joongki), Capatin Jang (Kim Tae Ri), Tiger Park (Jin Seon Kyu) and a Robot called Bubs (voiced by actor Yoo Hae-Jin, later played by actress Kim Hyang-Gi). They are famous for being great junk collectors due to their highly modified space-craft, but each have their own secret back-story that cause them where they are.When they cleaned up the junk that they have found, they discover a child humanoid by the named of Dorothy (Korean: Kot-nim) who is known to be a weapon of mass destruction hiding on one of the junk. Aimed to get rid of their debt, they try to trade Dorothy in exchange for US$2 million. However on the journey to return Dorothy to her father, scientist Kim Hyeon-U, things started to happen with the Space Guard trying to kill them and bigger issue started to unravel beyond their imagination.

The UTS leader who everyone think as humanity savior, turned to be the main villain of the movies, where he in fact try to blow up one of the space-station so that it exploded, and its debris fall upon the earth and create massive destruction. The Dorothy that they claimed to be a weapon is only a humanoid child who has the power to save the Earth due to the nano-bots implanted in her body. The nano-bots can help to restore plants and thus help the Earth get back on being the habitable planet.

My Review:

The movies are full of action and meaningful dialogue, and we also get to know more on our protagonist back story which are great. The combination of the actors and actress create good chemistry, especially with the bickering and some emotional scenes. One of the highlight that make me take this movie seriously was the CGI for the space which are surely Hollywood-like quality. There are also moments where it reminds me of Avengers End Game where the super heroes are all assembles together. But this time, they are not superheroes, but just ordinary human trying to save their home, the Earth.

Space Sweepers assembled (pictures owned by Netflix)

The Space CGI are one of my favorite, with many details are well made especially the effect of the floating on space, and the detail of each Space Station that were made different according to its rightful purpose.

My overall rating: 9/10 for its action packed and strong plot. In addition to the splendid CGI that bring the Korean film industry one step ahead to reaching the Hollywood golden standard of Space theme movie.

At a glimpse look like a death star yeah? (pictures owned by Netflix)




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