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Review: The Umbrella Academy Season 2 (8/10)

Left to right: Allison, Five, Diego, Vanya, Luther, Klaus and Ben

The premise of this season is pretty much similar with the season 1 where the Umbrella Academy is trying to save the world again from the Apocalypse.


The season begin right after the ending of season 1, where the Hargreeves siblings time travel with Number Five and somehow it does not work well, and each of them ended up scattered around Dallas, Texas in the 1960 to 1963 timeline. Five arrives on November 25,1963 to find his siblings battling against the Soviet Soldier. Five then met Hazel, where Hazel explain that this is an apocalypse and that the Hargreeves siblings have 10 days to stop it.

Using the time travel brief case that Hazel gave, Five then travel back to 10 days before the apocalypse happen and find out that his siblings now have started their own life, which is totally different from the life that they have in 2019. With Klaus became a cult leader (still with Ben’s spirit hanging around him), Diego is a nuthouse, Luther an underground fighter, Alison married an activist, Vanya having an amnesia and living in a farm. And now Five has the difficult task to get all of them together to stop the apocalypse.

Then the story unfolds as The Swedes, new assassins from the Commissioner, and The Handler is back from the death, try to kill the Hargreeves. On their mission to stop the apocalypse, The Hargreeves met the younger version of their father, Reginald Hargeeves, to ask for an advice or solution to stop the Apocalypse. However, he provided none. The story then continues to reach its tipping point as Vanya was caught by the FBI and being tortured in an interrogation which make her the cause of the apocalypse again. But this time, Ben then saved the day, as he has obtaining the power to possessed human body in the season 2, and he saved Vanya from creating the apocalypse while sacrificing his spirit.

On the finale episode, Vanya who accidentally share her power with Harlan, the boy who she taken care of in the farm previously, trigger the concern of the Commissioner as Harlan seems to unable to control his new power. With the commissioners sending out all of their agents plus Lila, Handler adoptive daughter, to take down all the Hargreeves. The battle is unavoidable. But as always, the main characters always win the fight, right? They then successfully killed the Handler, and the Commissioners field agents, and now they can go back to the 2019 with the help of the Time Travel case that were left by the deceased agents.

When they get back to the altered April 2019, which supposedly become the day after the season 1 apocalypse, they thought they have saved the world. However, in reality they have created an alternative timeline for themselves where in fact in this timeline, their father and Ben are still alive, with another 6 members of Sparrow Academy.

Major Difference with season 1:

More Ben for sure (Justin H Min used to be a recurring role in season 1, in season 2 he is part of the main cast), and also the episodes is in a better pace than before. No more filling episode, yeay!

Difference from the comic “Umbrella Academy volume 2: Dallas” :

  • Chacha is dead in the TV Series season 1, in the comic she is still alive
  • Hazel is dead in the beginning of the season 2 series, in the comic he and Chacha are still hunting the Hargreeves
  • Ben is one of the prominent character in the season 2 series, no trace of Ben in the comic
  • The plot are totally different, from the commissioners, love line of Vanya, Klaus being a cult leader and many more.

Similarities with the comic:

  • Dallas 1963
  • JFK assassination,
  • Vanya is amnesia

Prediction for season 3:

Gerard Way the creator of Umbrella Academy mention that the 4th volume of the comic book would be entitled “Sparrow Academy” , which hint that the next season most probably will jump to the 4th volume comic book instead of the 3rd volume “Hotel Oblivion”

Ending scene of Season 2


  • Rotten Tomato: 90%
  • IMDB: 8/10
  • Our Ratings: 8/10




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