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Review: To All the Boys: Always and Forever (8.5/10)

The feel-good sendoff to one of our favorite love story ever. Thank you and good-bye, Lara Jean and Peter Kavinsky.

To All the Boys: Always and Forever is the last installment of Jenny Han’s To All the Boys Trilogy, starting with To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before in 2018 and To All the Boys : PS I Still Love You in 2020.

Lara Jean and Peter Kavinsky on their Senior Year (pictures owned by Netflix)


The movie continue from the previous ending where Peter and LJ continue their relationship and now are senior in the high school. As they worry that if doing a long distance will change their relationship, together they are trying to be admitted to Stanford University where Peter has received scholarship and will join the university Lacrosse’s team.

On the day of the announcement, LJ failed her admission to Stanford’s Creative Writing Department, but sent the wrong text to Peter (who then think that LJ has succeeded and will join him in Stanford). LJ who did not want to crush Peter with the news after seeing him so hype thinking she get in, then decided not to tell him anything until the right time comes.

LJ and Chrissy on Times Square, NYC (pictures owned by Netflix)

On the senior trip to NY, the wavering LJ finally decided to let Peter knew the truth, that she indeed failed to get into Stanford but instead earned admission to Berkeley which is an hour away from Stanford. Peter who knew how hard LJ has worked on her admission assured her that they will work on their relationship together and an hour won’t make too much of a difference for them.

Margot (LJ’s older sister who went to NYU) has always suggest to LJ to keep her options open and take a look at NYU. But LJ always try not to think about NYU as she doesn’t want to the 3,000 miles apart from her family and Peter. However, with the senior trip to NY, LJ’s view on the metropolitan city has changed. She fell in love at the first sight with New York’s beauty, where every corner has its own story, the amazing 12 floors of library, and she can really see herself living in the city. But that doesn’t change her plan and Peter just yet.

Back home from the trip, LJ was surprised that she received welcome package from NYU and the fact that Kitty has kept her uninformed on her own admission result. She then started to ponder upon whether she should go to NYU, whose Literature program really excites her, or Berkeley where she still can spend her weekend with Peter on the San Francisco area.

With the prom coming up soon, not much LJ and Peter can do but to enjoy the senior year while it lasts. Both agreed to write each other love letter on their yearbook and to make sure it will be a memorable one. On the Prom Day, Peter is crowned as the Prom King, and LJ felt she is being left alone while Peter as popular as he is, busy taking picture with friends and having fun on his own.

LJ decided to give a box full of their memories together with their pictures, movie tickets, and things that they have collected together since they begin their relationship. Also suggesting that she will try to work on their relationship even though she finally decided to choose NYU instead of Berkeley. However, Peter view it differently. For him, LJ choose NYU over their relationship and he ask for them to break up.

Prom Night: Peter and LJ, Chrissy and Trevor (pictures owned by Netflix)
Prom Dance of Peter and LJ (pictures owned by Netflix)

LJ told Peter not to come on her dad and Trina wedding as they have broke up. So Peter decided to reconcile with his dad and have a heart to heart talk on what went wrong on their relationship. With Peter’s dad advice, Peter then decided to get back and work on their relationship despite the future struggle that they will have. The movie then ended with LJ reading Peter’s letter to her on her yearbook.

To All the Boys: Always and Forever (pictures owned by Netflix)

My Review: The last letter of the movie, yet the best one is written by no other than Peter Kavinsky (on LJ’s yearbook). The honest words that he wrote, the fact that he still remember their ‘meet-cute’, how he actually fell in love with LJ first, and the way he will support whatever decision LJ makes are truly the highlight of the movie. Despite the misunderstanding that happened, they will work hard and fight for their relationship wrapped up our love story well. As the movie series begins with love letters, let it also ended with love letters as well.

Epilogue of LJ and Peter

Little Epilogue: Peter and LJ finally went on the university and they are writing each other love letters, and still treasures all their memories together. LJ then published her first ever novel “Whoa, Whoa, Whoa” and Peter came to show his support as her husband.

My Overall Ratings: 8/10 for its heart warming dialogue, relatable problem with current teenagers whether to choose their career or love, and the supportive family that everyone hope for.




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