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ML & Data Trends: Wrapping up 2020 and looking into 2021 & beyond

2020 brought a digitalization explosion across the world. Microsoft estimates that the first two months of the pandemic (March & April) drove two years’ worth of digitalization. Throughout the rest of the year, the pandemic accelerated a wake-up call to the markets, which had been a long time coming: every successful modern company will need to be not only a software company, but also a data company.

Image courtesy of Validio

1. MLOps crosses the chasm

Image courtesy of State of AI Report 2020

2. Data quality steps from the sideroom into the boardroom

Image courtesy of Validio

3. A unified data infrastructure and the new data layer emerges

Image courtesy of a16z

4. The battle of the modern data cloud (warehouse vs data lake vs lakehouse) heats up for real

Image courtesy of Databricks

5. The rise of the data engineer



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Oliver Molander

Co-founder at Validio and early-stage tech investor at J12 Ventures. Preaching about the realities & possibilities of Data & ML.