Why are you doing, what you’re choosing to do?

This is a question that is important to understand, because if you don’t know why you’re here, then how will you ever a) get somewhere useful and b) truly create something great?

The truth is, that if you’ve got a startup, its likely because you’ve noticed a problem out there in the world and you want to have a crack at solving it.

What we would like to quickly give you are 3 critical reasons why its important to REALLY understand the problem you’re trying to solve… for those who perhaps haven’t taken the time to grasp it fully.

Reason #1 — If you don’t understand the problem, you’ll build something nobody really wants…

Have you ever walked into, say a car yard… and had a greasy sales person come up to you and start showing you a whole heap of cars you’re not even interested in?

Maybe you have, maybe you haven’t, but that situation, is one of the scenarios that gave car sales people a bad rep — the old forcing something on you, you don’t want or need.

No questions were asked, no investigation as to what your needs are or what you were hoping to get from being there today… Just their desires thrust upon you.

The metaphor holds true for any product though, because if you just have what you believe is a great idea, without first asking some questions to make sure your assumptions are true… Well, you may indirectly become old “Lee The Dodgy Car Salesman” without even realising.

So by getting your detective hat on and really investigating the “problem” and starting to ask questions to people whom will be your target market, what you do is start to gather evidence to support your assumptions or the opposite.

This will do one of two things:

  1. Confirm your beliefs and let you know you’re onto something
  2. Give you valuable feedback so you CAN build the right thing
Don’t be like old Lee — Do some proper research and ask some good questions of the right people (your target market)

Reason #2 — You Will Struggle to Truly Speak to Your Audience

Ok, ok, ok… We have determined you don’t want to be like Old Leigh right? Perfect!

So the next reason why it’s critical to really understand the problem you’re wanting to solve, is because it will allow you to TRULY speak to your audience!

I mean, have you ever seen a presenter give a presentation and completely miss the mark?

Or how about somebody try and sell you a service as a “Solution” that really didn’t even scratch the surface of what you needed?

These are both symptoms of not really understanding the problem you’re wishing to solve — let me unpack that.

Say for example I want to get you to purchase a service, lets use coaching because I’ve done it for almost a decade now.

Lets say that you approach me because you’ve been struggling with confidence for quite sometime and you really want to feel confident so you can go out and build a business…

Now lets imagine that I just go “Ok great, I understand how you feel, it can be really hard having no confidence so what I will do is X, Y and Z to help you feel more confident!”

Now you will either buy or most likely you’ll feel like I don’t really get it and quickly begin the process of finding the fastest escape…

  • But what I described the feelings you had been feeling, without you even having to go in to detail?
  • What if I pointed out minute details that you had overlooked in the past, even though I wasn’t there myself?
  • What if I could talk about times in the past I felt a sense of dread, terror or fear, or times people I knew had, and how we overcome it?
  • What if during this process, you started to feel like I really “Got it”..?
  • What if I could describe how it was a problem for you, even better than you could explain it yourself?
  • You’d probably be moving down that path which has me looking like the right person for the job right?

There is immense power in truly understanding a problem and then being able to communicate from that level — the effect is your target audiences connecting with you and your big idea.

So take some time to step into your audiences shoes, and get a real feel for the pain that they’re feeling, because this will allow you to talk to them right and provide the right solution, not just A solution.

Reason #3 — Because You’ll Never Have A Solution Without A Problem, And If You Never Know The Problem, You Can Never Give The Solution

Whoah! That was deep right..?

This point is the most important because what we would hate for you to do, is waste all your time building something, wasting time, wasting money, wasting your precious energy and resources — just for the result to be some thing that has no value or use.

When you intimately know a problem, you then have the unique ability to be able to craft a magnificent solution — something that people will actually pay money for, without hesitation.

But when you just jump into something because everybody else is, or because it seemed like an ok idea… Well, you’re starting off on the back foot.

In closing

Take the time to really understand the problem you are going to solve because it will ensure you build the right kind of solution, are able to communicate from a place that moves people to buy and means that you’re less likely to waste your time on the wrong things.

And remember…

Don’t be like Old Lee!!
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