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Burbank Police: No Further Action on Tinhorn Flats Health Violations, Council Member-elect Responds

“I would rather die [than] comply.”

“What does it matter at this point?” Dozens of patrons dine mask-off at Burbank’s Tinhorn Flats.

The Burbank Police Department has no plans to enforce state or local health ordinances at Tinhorn Flats Saloon & Grill in Magnolia Park unless the county asks them to, KABC reports.

The popular sports bar first caused a commotion in October when an anti-mask post from owner Baret Lepejian began circulating on social media. The post, referring to the City of Burbank’s mask mandate, said in part, “Tinhorn Flats Saloon & Grill completely denounces this,” and, “WE WILL NOT BOW DOWN TO THREATS & FEARS”.

This past Thursday, Tinhorn Flats opened for outdoor dining, in violation of local and state orders which were put in place as Southern California’s ICU capacity began to fall. After being fined $500, Lucas Lepejian told Fox LA, “I’ve got nothing left to lose, I’m opposing tyranny… I’m doing COVID-19 safety protocols”.

But Burbankers were outraged Friday night as Tinhorn Flats allowed maskless patrons to dine indoors. One video posted to Twitter showed several unmasked individuals entering and exiting the bar, and a sign outside that read, “PEACEFUL PROTEST SITE”.

In another video, a man shows dozens of unmasked patrons on the patio before explaining, “They opened up the inside because they got cited. So what does it matter at this point?”

Burbank Police told KABC that it intends to leave enforcement to the County Department of Public Health unless the county asks them to intervene. But Tinhorn Flats could still lose its business or liquor license, the latter of which costs $100,000. When confronted with the possible consequences for his business, Baret Lepejian told EATER Los Angeles, “I’m going to lose my business anyway,”.

Council Member-elect Nick Schultz condemned the restaurant’s illegal practices and assured Twitter users that local and county officials are aware of the situation.

On Facebook, Tinhorn Flats wrote, “these are government workers (…) with jobs that are NOT threatened, that have benefits and health care provided to them telling me to shut down my business and my livelihood…I would rather die then [sic] comply.”

My Burbank News reports that The Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control has issued a Notice of Violation.

Video uploaded to Tinhorn Flats Saloon & Grill’s Facebook page today appears to show two health officials visiting the bar before being told to leave. Valleyspeak could not verify the details of this visit.

Colin Haskins is the editor of Valleyspeak. Follow him on Twitter here.



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