Valoro : The Wordpress of Blockchain

Ahmed Kosba
Oct 1, 2019 · 4 min read

Since the dawn of time man has learned that everything around him is of certain value, giving birth to ownership, and since no one was able to own everything, a form of trade has risen. The concept of money was still non-existent so societies, intrinsically, traded goods with each other. A society that had plenty of certain goods that surpassed its normal needs traded them for another that the society faced shortage with. This form of primitive payment was called bartering, and it required no middle-men on account that both parties owned something the other wanted. Several thousand years later, and due to barter system’s inability to agree on a standard exchange rate, societies started using precious metals as an alternative system, giving people the ability to finally give these metal coins a specific value to compare and decide costs of items that people wanted to purchase. But these precious metals, due to overuse that can expose it to corruption hence lose its value, and the difficulty of carrying around large sum of it, Representative Money was introduced which was made of cheap papers and metals but can be exchanged by banks for a certain amount of gold and silver, till 1971 when the US abandoned the gold standard and introduced Fiat Money, meaning that the dollar was no longer tied to the amount of gold reserved by the banks. Ushering a new era of open market economy Fiat money’s value were no longer decided by gold but by the country’s economic performance on the international level. But this wasn’t the end though, for as technological advancements overwhelmed the world, so as new and innovative forms of payment systems and currencies started to appear, by the name of Blockchain and Crypto-currencies. So what are they?

Blockchain (Cutting out the middle-man, again) :

Blockchain is a technology that allows individuals and companies to make transactions instantaneously between each other without banks authorization, using Crypto-currencies, which is a form of digital currency invented by Satoshi Nakamato that’s totally independent of the current monetary system that relies on paper money and global transactions via banks. Blockchains and Crypto-currencies simply cut out the middle-man yet again, which normally makes the peer-to-peer transactions considerably faster especially when dealing with huge values. When a transaction takes place using Bitcoin for example, which’s one type among many other Crypto-currencies, the transaction’s details (The sender, the recipient, and the amount of coins transferred) are stored in a block with a unique visual fingerprint-like feature called a hash. So every single transaction that takes place using a Crypto-currency is stored in a series of blocks which were given the name Blockchain, making it a one huge virtual ledger for Crypto-currency trades.
But what does WordPress have to do with Blockchain?
We’ll attempt to explain.

WordPress and Blockchain :

WordPress is a popular platform that’s been around since 2003, basically used for creating blogs and developing websites. What makes it unique is that through using many of its plug-ins and simple to use platform, you can develop websites without going through the hassle of coding. What’s even better, and this is where Blockchain gets involved, is that WordPress Plug-ins are available for use to make transactions using Crytpo-currencies. Imagine making transactions through a WordPress website without needing an ID or a Bank account. It’s the return to primitive simplicity of cutting out middle-men but with the comfort of your homes and offices with solid security procedures that makes it impossible to hack Blockchain since it doesn’t store its transactions in a centralized space but rather spread out across the network. But working from our personal computers isn’t enough anymore at a time where the global population is heavily relying on mobile applications, so this is where Valoro steps in. What is Valoro and what it specifically does? We’re about to find out.

Valoro, The WordPress of Blockchain :

If WordPress allows people to develop websites without coding, so does Valoro but with applications. Through a user-friendly interface, you can design your application, and with one click, Valoro starts translating your application to Blockchain structures.
No coding skills needed. Valoro’s simple GUI makes you decide on your themes, and with just a few clicks you can deploy your Blockchain application.
Valoro believes in open source community, therefore, it offers a marketplace for plugins to integrate with other platforms. And as of this minute, Valoro is working on educational videos on how to develop plugins on its site.
Not only you can choose a predetermined theme for your application, but you can even design your own template to suit your business needs, as well as testing and integrating your business.
Among Valoro’s most esteemed Blockchain applications are Healthcare, Education, and Supplychain applications that can be developed and deployed in 2 to 3 minutes.
Valoro is simply here to help you make your business fast and help it grow through taking advantage of Blockchain’s revolutionary implementations.

The WordPress of Blockchain

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