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Value of trust

This article is written by Lal Chandran, Lotta Lundin, Dr. David Goodman, Dr. Godwin Caruana and Jan Linquist

On 25 November 2020, the European Commission published its proposal for a regulation on European data governance, known as the Data Governance Act [1], the first of a set of measures in the European strategy for data which was adopted in February 2020 [2]. The proposed Act envisions a single market for data, where data from the public sector, businesses and citizens can be accessed and used to stimulate growth and create value in the European economy. …

On 29 April 2020, MyData Global, an international nonprofit organisation, published a paper ‘Understanding MyData Operators’ which provides a foundation for a roadmap towards a human-centric personal data infrastructure. In a collaborative effort involving 34 experts and supported by 48 personal data operators across 15 countries, it established a common starting point for interoperability between organisations and various data operators.

What is a MyData operator?

MyData Operators enable the sharing of personal data across services where the use of data is transparent and controlled by individuals. …

One of the things that fascinated me when I moved to Sweden was the ease of looking up a person using an online “yellow pages” service to find out their phone number and address. This was a very useful thing when I was late for a meeting and didn’t have the phone number of the person I was meeting to let them know. Sweden was, and still is, a truly open society.

However, the more I learned about the different services (such as Ratsit, Hitta, MerInfo, MrKoll, Lexbase and Eniro) that collect and publish personal information, the more I grew…

This article was first published in Dagens Industri, the leading business newspaper in Sweden in both their print and digital editions. You can access the Swedish digital version here. is a cloud service that helps organisations organisations to leverage customer data while being compliant to data regulations and empowering their customers to control their data. The platform helps companies to be transparent in the way they use their personal data which makes individuals more willing to say “Yes” to sharing their data.

Until recently, many, if not all, digital businesses built their business models based on the mass collection…

Wouldn’t it be great, next time when you’re shopping for wine and asked to verify your age at the cashier, if a pop-up on your phone would notify you that “Systembolaget would like to access your age”? Then with just a click, you can consent to sharing that data -and only that piece of data- instead of flashing all the private information written on your drivers licence.

Or consider the age verification process when you visit video streaming websites. Couldn’t there be a better way to confirm the age of visitors than by just clicking a button that reads “I’m…

One year into existence, it’s clear that GDPR fundamentally changes how business can be carried out going forward. It also has a long lasting impact on democracy, which is addressed in this article, written together with CTO Mr. Lal Chandran.

The trust journey

In 1863 Abraham Lincoln declared in his Gettysburg address that ‘Government of the people, by the people, for the people shall not perish from this earth’. 150 years later, we still subscribe to Lincoln’s proposition which acts as the bedrock of the modern definition of democracy.

If you live in the green countries of the world (according to the…

The EU’s general data protection regulation is “principles based” with rather broad guidelines which are open to both interpretation and misinterpretation. Yet, beyond question is that the legislation contains very specific rights granted to EU citizens which are fundamental to individuals’ privacy: and ensuring those rights are recognised and scrupulously adhered to is key to compliance.

The right to access gives me as an EU resident the right to call up my telecom operator and say, “I want to see all of the personal data you have on me”. The right to erasure, also called the right to be forgotten

When Apple CEO Tim Cook took to the stage at a conference in Brussels last October, he became the first CEO of a major tech firm to spell out publicly his concern about data collection, surveillance, and information manipulation. In his keynote, he expressed alarm at the creation of a “data industrial complex” that “weaponized against people with military efficiency” (1).

In a recent CNBC interview, IBM CEO Ginni Rometty raised concerns about regulations hindering the digital economy and emphasised the need for increased trust and transparency between organisations and their customers.

“Really what we have to protect is consumer…

In his keynote at Web Summit 2018 in Lisbon, Web pioneer Sir Tim Berners-Lee expressed alarm about the issues plaguing the Internet today. Among other things, he asserted that the fundamental issues of the Web today are the problems associated with privacy, the misuse of personal data, people being manipulated by fake communities, fake people and fake ideas.

Evolutionary impact of the Internet and the Web on businesses

Since the creation of the Web, the business processes and procedures have gone through significant changes. During its early years, businesses used the Web merely to showcase their products and service offerings. …

If data protection is part of your brief, control is part of your responsibility. But you can also create a lot of value for your company. Sound interesting? Read on.

DPO: Gatekeeper or Value Creator?

Most companies started their GDPR journey on the defensive: meeting regulations and avoiding penalties was the main focus. The focus was obligations, not possibilities. And that’s no surprise. It was a scramble to meet the regulations and there was nothing off-the-shelf that could fulfill these obligations. There wasn’t even a shelf. …

Value of trust

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