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First vStake Pool in Partnership with CDO Finance

vBSWAP holders, we are extremely pleased to share with you our first vStake pool in partnership with CDO Finance.

This recently introduced product will allow stakers in any of our vStake pools to receive profit-share from our BSC ecosystem. How does it work? Simply stake your tokens to a vStake and let the smart contract do the hard-work for you!

About the vStake Pool:

Stake vBSWAP tokens, to earn CODEX tokens!

vFarm :

In order to host the CODEX vStake pool, we will also provide a CODEX-BNB 70/30 vFarm that will have x0.3 vBSWAP rewards for 14 days with possible extension by voting at a later stage.

What is CDO Finance? is the first yield farming project on Binance Smart Chain that offers dynamic risk exposure.

Using Collateralized Debt Obligations products, CDO Finance’s users can now obtain leveraged yield farm or risk protection with their assets.

To learn more about CDO Finance, we advise you to visit their official communication channels

About Value DeFi

The Value DeFi platform is a suite of products that aim to bring fairness, true value, and innovation to Decentralized Finance. Their flagship products include vSwap, an automated market-maker built on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain that allows anyone to create trading pools with flexible ratio pairs, add liquidity, and earn trading fees, and vSafe, state-of-the-art multi-strategy yield-optimizers that allow unprecedented composability and flexibility of LP assets to maximize returns.









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Bringing True Value to DeFi

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Value DeFi Protocol

Value DeFi Protocol

Bring True Value to DeFi —

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