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The Ultimate Incubator and Coworking Space List

More and more startups enter the competitive market every day. To be an entrepreneur has lately evolved into a trend. Meanwhile the flow of ideas increases, it is becoming more challenging to convert them into a running startup. There is an incredibly extensive process of developing the product and strategy, which every entrepreneur and startup CEO needs to undertake. Not even talking about the constant hunt for funding, valuable networks, and the endless hours spent googling answers for all the doubts.

Due to all these reasons, co-working spaces, incubators, and accelerators were invented. Are you familiar with these terms, but you can’t tell the difference? Let me explain!

What is a startup incubator?

A startup incubator is a program made for early-stage entrepreneurs. In the huge majority of the cases, an application is required in order to occupy a place at such a program. After being selected, you are offered a variety of resources (working space, mentorship, money), which will help you to grow your business. These differ from program to program. However, none of the incubators will require the members to achieve their results within a short time frame, and they will very infrequently ask for equity. They depend on a membership fee instead.

Incubators offer members resources such as internet, office space and mentoring in a wide range of expertise (marketing, fundraising, presentation skills, business management, accountancy, networking possibilities, legal assistance, and the options of investments).

Incubator communities have experienced fast growth in the 21st century and on a global scale.

Some of the most successful incubators offering high-quality services are:

1. Capital Factory (Texas, USA)

Capital Factory in Texas, is an unique the place offering both possibilities of renting spaces for work and accelerator programs.

2. CSE — CBS (Denmark)

CSE is an entrepreneurship community for students in Copenhagen. It works as both, incubator and accelerator. Thanks to the offer of different program options, each company can choose the level, on which they want to start and grow.

3. FinTech Lab (Denmark)

Besides being a co-working space, the Lab offers also the possibility to be part of a free three-months incubation program with the main focus on FinTech ideas.

4. Founders Space (San Francisco, USA)

Founders Space provides with a large scale of programs for startups coming to the Silicon Valley.

5. Greencubator (Denmark)

Greencubator is a non-profit office community. Most of the options include: free coffee and tea, cleaning, access to the kitchen, access to meeting rooms, depot room, internet, printer, Thursday bar, advice massage discount, postal address and parking for bikes.

6. H-FARM (Italy)

H-Farm is an innovation platform that supports the creation of new businesses and the digital education of youth and Italian companies. H-Farm invests in innovation, which is built for guiding companies in their digital transformation and provides new methods for education.

7. PoliHub (Italy)

PoliHub is an Italy-based incubator that provides with scouting, tutorship, mentorship, advice and open innovation.

What is the difference between an incubator and an accelerator?

Startup accelerator differs from an incubator. The members of an accelerator program are focusing mainly on the development of strategies and operations. The program also includes seed investment.

Nonetheless, in the majority of cases you will be required to share part of the equity with the private investor. Accelerators also ask the startups to reach their planned goals within 3–4 months.

What is a co-working space?

Co-working spaces utilize business model related to shared office options for growing companies. To share a working place brings in a great deal of convenience. It is cheaper to pay a membership fee than to rent the whole office on your own.

Networking. In a co-working place, you are surrounded by people with entrepreneurial spirits just like yours. You can share ideas, create partnerships, and discuss various obstacles.

This concept was created by Brad Neuberg (Senior Software Engineer) in 2005. He invited all the independent people who were tired of working alone from home and were missing working in a community to join him. Since then, this sector has undertaken rapid growth.

Some of the most interesting co-working spaces offering high-quality services are:

Dojo Bali (Indonesia)

Dojo Bali welcomes co-workers, willing to connect and collaborate with each other. The members have access to internet and the network, and different facilities like for example meeting rooms and a large event spaces.

GoWork (India)

GoWork is the biggest co-working space in India. You can choose from wider range of memberships. Each one of them gives you an access to different services such as: premium work tables, travel desk, concierge, food court, unlimited tea and coffee, mediation and gaming zones, gym and spa, basketball and badminton courts, ATM, shuttle services, valet parking and medical services.

Hubud: Ubud Coworking & Community Space (Indonesia)

Hubud is a co-working space located in Bali, evalueted as one of the best workspaces worldwide. It provides its members with meeting rooms, many events and workshops, digital membership, Skype booth and mail address, 24/7 access, partner spaces, storage lockers, discounts and canteen.

agora collective (Germany)

Agora owns 1100m2 space in Berlin focused on sustainable and artistic practices. They organize wide range of events and exhibitions, workshop projects, community activities and artistic residency opportunities for their members. Other features of Agora: contemporary dance platform, studios for artists.

PARISOMA(San Francisco, USA)

Parisoma, placed in San Francisco, is a space for co-working, education and events. Entrepreneurs, freelancers and startups are given the space and tools they require to grow their businesses. Members have access to over 100 classes and events, internet, printers, conference and meeting rooms, phone booths, free coffee and tea.

Symbion (Denmark)

Symbion is a co-working space in Copenhagen equipped with: parking, cleaning, meeting rooms, fitness center, reception, handling of mails and packages, coffee and tea, water and heating, internet, events, toilet facilities, access to the copy room, access to the canteen.

WeWork (USA & Worldwide)

WeWork is a large network of workspaces located in 72 different cities around the world, providing service to more than 210.000 members of theirs. The included facilities are community managers, front desk service, private phone booths, internet, printing and office supplies, coffee, water, fruit and beer, building access 24/7, daily cleaning, bike storage, access to network and events.


The growth of co-working spaces and incubators has achieved inconceivable success over the past years. They have expanded the diversity of working cultures and the way companies are entering the market.

The fact that they provide everyone with sufficient freedom and flexibility attracts many entrepreneurs. But, the winning point hides within all the extra benefits they offer to the members for a reasonably low cost. So what are you waiting for? Go and get your desk!

Interested in the topic? Take a look at the full 'Ultimate Incubator and Coworking Space List'.




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