Questions on Hinduism

1. Hinduism is the most tolerant religion in the world. If we are accused of intolerance the fault lies in the people who have accused us. People always see their own faults reflected in others. This is obviously a political ploy intended to defile the religion of this country and to show the present govt. in a bad light.

2. Other religions with vested interests try to make out that Hinduism preaches the unity of all religions and then they try to convert Hindus in this manner. “So what difference does it make if you are a Hindu or a Christian? Why can’t you convert?” is what they ask. But just because we practice tolerance towards all religions it does not mean that we consider all religions to be the same. This is quite a ridiculous statement. Hinduism has its own well defined doctrines, which are not dogmas (like we find in other religions) and these doctrines give us details of how to lead a good life on earth which will lead us to the fulfillment of the human birth which is self realisation. Hinduism certainly gives us the highest ideal of godhead which is that of the Brahman which is a transcendent as well as an immanent Truth beyond which there is nothing else. This Truth is the same for all creatures whether human, animal, bird or plant. Therefore the one God of Hinduism is an all-inclusive God which is available to all people at all times and ages regardless of whether you believe in IT or not. The one god of other religions is a sectarian god limited by the very fact that He is available only to those who believe in Him. This applies to all the three Semitic religions. All those who don’t believe in Him are infidels and heathens and will certainly be sent to hell to burn for all eternity!! Yet this God is said to be merciful and compassionate!! What a farce! This is the great difference between Hinduism and other religions and it is the basis of our wide tolerance.

3.The legacy given to us by the British is this that it has taught our intelligentsia to scorn our own religion and culture. Very soon after they arrived in India the British were surprised to find that the so called heathens actually possessed something great in their own culture. But since they were Xtian dominated they were brought up to think that only their religion and culture was the best. So apart from the material conquests which they made in India they also launched an ideological attack on our culture and religion. They realised that the only way they could subjugate this great country was to teach them to scorn their own culture and aspire to attain the culture of their conquerors. This was a greater conquest than that of the Moguls. We could fight against an enemy which deliberately destroyed our temples but how to fight an enemy which, under the mask of education, eroded the very basis of our culture? In order to accomplish their scheme, they started to educate our children in British schools and colleges which ensured that our children were given western based ideas on our history, our religion and our way of life. In fact our children were taught to despise everything Indian which meant everything Hindu since in those times India meant Hindu! (It is only now that there has been a terrible separation between Hindustan and Hindus.) These are the western educated, pseudo intellectuals who are still flourishing in our country who try to bring down their own culture and try to bring down the present government who they fear is trying to promote Hinduism. However even if we bring down our own culture, Hinduism will flourish all over the world and then it will make a sweeping return to the country of its birth just as yoga has done. Hinduism nourishes the very foundations of human life and therefore it can never be destroyed. It may lie latent for a while but as long as even one human being exists who wishes to reach the heights of human existence, Hinduism will exist.

4. This question needs a book to be answered in full. To put it shortly we can say that the rishis in their wisdom realised that this world even though it might be an illusion still had its uses and followed certain laws. They were masters of these laws and they knew that the human being had to follow these laws in order to maintain a decent life on this earth which would in turn lead to liberation. Thus both para vidya which were the scientific truths on which life on this planet is based and apara vidya which was beyond science were taught in Hinduism. Meaning to say science and spirituality walked hand in hand in our country. There was never a dichotomy between the two as existed in the west. All the scientific truths which were unearthed by western scientists very slowly down the centuries were all known to our rishis from the dawn of time. They inserted these truths into the Hindu way of life so that we lived a life in tune with the laws of nature which is science. Even the so called superstitious rites and laws we follow are based on science. To take a small example. Why does the Hindu put a mark on his forehead? In olden times both men and women wore it. The space between the eyebrows is the ajna chakra or point of concentration of the mind. Hence the dot at that point helps to concentrate the gaze of the person who is talking to you, thus bringing out the best in both him and you. Obviously I can’t go on giving these examples which are too numerous to relate in such a small discussion.

5. The only way to tackle these defects is for those of us who understand this to try and make others come round to our point of view. Of course this will not be an easy task but it has to be done if we want our country and our culture back. By means of writings and talks we should try to make all Hindus realise that their religion and culture have the backing of eternity behind them and make them understand that the whole world is coming round to this view point that Hinduism is the only religion in the world which knows and practices the concept of “tolerance”. For us to disregard this and try to bring down our culture is like trying to cut off our nose to spite our face. All those Hindus who feel this way should make special and constant efforts to re-educate the rest of our misguided brothers and sisters and make special efforts to bring them back to our own culture. In this we should all give maximum support to the Modi govt. which is our only hope.

Q. How to tackle the onslaughts made on Hinduism.

Ans. The best way to completely stop all these attacks on our religion is to try to make an amendment to the constitution and declare India (Hindustan) as Hindu. In one stroke all our problems will be solved. Had the father of our nation declared this at the time of partition all these problems would never have cropped up. When Jinnah declared without any apology that the state religion of Pakistan was Islam, Gandhiji should also have fearlessly declared that the state religion of Hindustan is Hinduism. We are the ones who are now suffering untold indignities for that one mistake. However I hope this can be changed. Now is the time to push this forward since for once we have a govt, which is supporting our cause. Of course Modi has to exercise great tact since there are so many who are anxious to bring him down but he will certainly give his silent support to such a move. All of us who love our country and our religion (which cannot be separated) will have to slowly move forward towards this goal.

Hari Aum Tat sat.