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A written or electronic text document is converted from a from a speech recording by a company providing voice transcription services. The content of the audio varies depending on the type of industry that includes legal, medical, IT, finance, academe, engineering and more. The most common type of voice transcription services required by clients is legal transcription, medical transcription, and business transcription.
 Some voice transcription services providers can send staff to events who convert spoken content into a written document and distributes this afterwards. These transcribers are multilinguist and can provide a translated material into a language that the recipient will understand.

Before hiring a voice transcription services provider the client should know the quality of the recording and the length. Some charges by the hour, per line, per word, or per minute. Clearly, if your audio is short you don’t have to select a company that charges by the hour. The quality of the audio is also a factor in pricing, a poor quality audio demands a higher price than an excellent to good material. Know also the features that you want from the audio transcription services they charge for time stamping/time coding and speaker’s identification and a different rate for multi-speaker recording. Remember to disclose all your requirement to get the total picture of the cost of audio transcription services.
 Vanan provides voice transcription services at a friendly rate of $1 per minute. Know more of our offerings by getting in touch with our live 24/7 customer support through our toll-free hotline numbers or online chat. Upload your file for a free quote or fill up our online CTC form and we’ll call you back.

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