The Most Unlikely Love Story

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to fall in love with a zombie or to change the fate of the entire world?

Warm Bodies is a supernatural romantic film that shows the story of an attraction between a unique zombie and an optimistic girl. From this attraction, the world starts to change into something brand new.

Warm Bodies was produced in 2013 by Summit Entertainment and was directed by Jonathan Levine. Levine’s work can be found in other films such as 50/50, Snatched and Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates. Levine has worked mostly in films that deal with drama and comedy but he has worked on some romantic films. But throughout this film there was times where drama and comedic aspects are being shown. This could be due to Levine directing and adding some of his own thoughts and ideas into the film. His take on this extra ordinary love story will change the way you think about relationships and the idea of love.

Warm Bodies features the following actors and actresses: Nicholas Hoult, Teresa Palmer, Dave Franco, Rob Corddry and John Malkovich. Nicholas Hoult, who plays R, is an English actor who started his acting career at the young age of seven. You can see Hoult in films like X-Men, Jack the Giant Slayer and A Single Man. Teresa Palmer, who plays Julie, is an Australian actress, model and producer. Palmer also has been in the films Lights Out, Hacksaw Ridge and The Choice. Dave Franco, who plays Perry, is an American actor and model who got his start in the industry from his role in the show Scrubs. Franco has been in other films like Nerve, the Now You See Me series and 21 Jump Street. Rob Corddry, who plays M/Marcus, is an actor and comedian who got his start by working on The Daily Show. Corddry’s acting career started when he was casted in the film Hot Tub Time Machine. Since then you can see Rob in other films like Pain & Gain, Office Christmas Party and Failure to Launch. Finally, John Malkovich plays General Grigio. Malkovich is an actor, director and producer who has been in over seventy films throughout his acting career. You might recognize him from films such as Deepwater Horizon, Of Mice and Men, Empire of the Sun and I’m Going Home. The Warm Bodies cast is full of highly experienced and well recognized actors and actresses in the industry. By casting them, Jonathan Levine creates a cast that brings in a variety of audiences from many different ages and interests.

It’s been eight years since a mysterious plague came and released a virus that caused many humans to turn into zombies. Since then humans have been able to adapt by creating a wall to shield out the zombies. But once in a while a group of humans leave the safety of the wall to retrieve medicine and supplies they need. Julie, Perry and some of their friends head out to go grab some necessities. While out they are attacked by R, Marcus and some other zombies. During the attack, R catches a glimpse of Julie and is instantly curious and in love with her. R then takes Julie with him back to the airport where he spends most of his time. Julie, who is scared for her life, is very confused to why this zombie hasn’t eaten her yet. All of this confusion and terror led to Julie trying to run away from R multiple times. One time R ends up saving Julie from a group of zombies. Realizing that R is her only way back to safety, Julie decides to trust him and stays with him for a few days.

After a few days are over, Julie tells R that she has to go back to the city. Before heading out, R and Julie had to face a group of boneys with the help from some of R’s friends. After seeing Julie and R together, M and some of the others started to feel a change and their hearts started to beat. On their journey back into the city, R feelings start to change which causes his heart to start beating again. In the middle of the night, Julie leaves which causes R to feel upset and heart broken. He obviously knew that they can’t be together but it was hard for him to actually come to that realization. Then as R is heading back to the airport, he meets up with M and some others. M tells R that a group of boneys are after Julie and him. R and his friends head into the city looking Julie and to warn the others inside of the wall. Julie and R go to retrieve some help from Julie’s dad who is General Grigio. Grigio is also the leader of the military within the city. Julie’s dad doesn’t believe their story about why the boneys are coming so R and Julie run off to tell the others. The military come to kill the boney and they come across zombies and boneys fighting each other. At this point they have no idea who to shoot. Then the zombies and military start working together to get rid of the boneys once and for all. General Grigio finds Julie and R and ends up shooting R. He has no problem putting a bullet into R heads. But Julie continues to sacrifice herself for R. Realizing that R is bleeding, Julie tells her dad that zombies can’t bleed and that he is changing into a human. Now after the fight has ended and all boneys are gone, the zombies and humans have started to live together. The world found out that the cure was love, the zombie just had to experience and witness an act of love to begin its change. Warm Bodies ends with the wall surrounding the city being destroyed and ending the world of humans against zombies.

R and Julie are the supernatural-modern day version of Romeo and Juliet. Two people both alike connected by the love they feel for each other but are torn apart do to grudges and misunderstandings that society has created. Warm Bodies consists of themes such as cherishing life, the power of love and having hope. The idea of cherishing life appears in the beginning of the film when R is describing the world before the plague hit. A world controlled by technology and social media instead of appreciating the people around them. And then now a world full of zombies and humans who now have to communicate in order to live and stay alive. Warm Bodies help us to realize how important communication is and that we shouldn’t rely on technology and social media all of the time. The power of love is present throughout the film with R and Julie. There love story is what starts to change the way the zombies act and feel. And it also changes the way the humans feel about zombies because they had to work together to get rid of the boneys. This allows us to better understand how important love is in our lives and how love can change us for the better. Having hope is shown with Julie who stays very optimistic and willing to learn more about zombies throughout the film. We learn how to not judge people on the way they look but on their personality within. We also learn about how important having hope is in our lives. Hope allows us to be inspired and overcome challenges that appear throughout life. R and Julie’s love story throughout Warm Bodies allows us to learn many important valuable aspects of life.

According to Merriam-Webster dictionary, art is defined as the conscious use of skills and creative imagination especially in the production of aesthetic objects. I would define art as a piece of work (book, painting, film, drawing, etc.) that uses different types of creativity to inspire and teach the world something. Warm Bodies is a film that is definitely a work of art. Director Jonathan Levine uses this story of a romance between a zombie and a human to present the themes discussed before and to reveal them in a different way rather than just showing two humans falling in love like any other film would do. By doing this Levine is defining this film as a work of art. Warm Bodies takes you away from your own life and into a different world where you can forget about the pressures and challenges you are facing. Which allows you to reflect on society and the way it influences you. Warm Bodies also is a piece of art because it is a visual story that contains moving images instead of a painting or a book. By doing this the audience is able to connect and feel like they are a part of the character’s lives. It also helps the audience understand and appreciate the main ideas that need to be taken from the film. Which they can use later in their own lives. Works of art are all around us. They can inspire and change the world for the better. Warm Bodies uses the rare story between R and Julie to get the message out rather than other works that might draw or tell a story about their specific meaning.

Warm Bodies is one of those heart touching movies that can lighten up anyone’s mood. This paranormal romantic film changes the general stereotype of what a zombie film is supposed to be like. You will fall in love with R and Julie’s relationship as the film continues. How can you not watch this film? The drama, comedy and romance throughout Warm Bodies creates for the ultimate film experience for any viewer.

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