The Demise of Apple’s MacBook Pro

Source: The Verge

When Steve Jobs introduced the original MacBook Pro in 2006, he emphasized the importance of having a laptop that would be fast and powerful enough to handle a myriad of professional tasks. However, somehow 10 years later, the new MacBook Pro fails to even come close to the expectations of industry professionals. The absence of the SD card slot is a disaster for photographers, the 16 GB of memory limitation inhibits graphic designers and only having USB-C connectors continues to aggravate the dongle hell we’re living in.

The new MacBook Pro includes a TouchBar which Apple claims is next-gen laptop tech that will be essential for creative individuals. Yet, the creative market is clearly more impressed with Microsoft’s Surface Studio than Apple’s OLED touchscreen strip. The MacBook Pro also has embarrassingly low performance GPUs and is failing to put creators first. Apple has been known to be forward-thinking yet it is missing the market for advanced graphics and VR. As a result, more than ever, hard-core Apple fans are considering switching to Microsoft and other competitors.

Apple hoped that announcing a newer, brighter MacBook with an exciting TouchBar would help us forget their declining earnings. However, Apple’s underwhelming event failed to excite potential consumers and even their long-term fans. I for one, will not be buying the latest MacBook Pro even after faithfully waiting three years for an update. That should scare Apple.

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