Meet the Vanig team (Advisors)

Vanig is an ambitious vision and project that aims to solve some of the major Supply Chain and E-Commerce problems. To convert that vision into reality we have assembled some of the best experts from different fields for Team and Advisor roles.

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In this article let us look at some of the advisors we have onboarded.

Paddy Tan — Product Strategist

Paddy Tan is a Product Strategists for technology companies and startups. He possesses vast knowledge of how technologies can be integrated into different businesses and provides consultancy services to business leaders with a team of colleagues for digital technologies and system integration specializing in Change Management, Digital Marketing, Gamification and App Development.

Paddy is armed with vast experience in identifying startups from an idea to mentoring, funding and acquisition stage. Paddy improves the probabilities by running on the ground engaging founders, partners and VCs to make the whole business plan work.

Alan Wong — Market Strategist

Alan is a respected ecosystem builder, business advisor and serial entrepreneur with a unique combination of experiences in both large organizations and entrepreneurial start-ups. As an entrepreneur-mentor, Alan continues to work and incubate startups and new businesses.

Alan truly understands supply chain processes, ecommerce and the blockchain. He has played a spear heading role in Storiqa ICO and its success, he is currently their SVP in Asia leading their operational initiatives in the region.

Alan will help position Vanig strongly in the SE Asia, helping with market strategy, operational direction and advising on various themes in the zone.

Here is what Alan has to say about Vanig –

“Vanig(VANIG) have developed a prototype to bring the eCommerce and supply chain process onto a blockchain. The platform will allow sharing of information between participants on a secure blockchain-based network and automates processes such as bill of lading and fix inefficiencies due to double marginalization and information asymmetry . Vanig’s prototype is built on hybrid blockchain using Hyperledger Sawtooth and Ethereum(ETH).

Blockchain presents many promises for the future of Supply chain. Challenges still remain, such as scalability and privacy but forward leaning companies like Vanig are finding new opportunities to leverage blockchain to improve eCommerce and supply chain industry”

Jim Cocallas — PR Advisor

Jim brings 30 + years of experience in business development, investment management, start-ups, media and publishing. He has a keen sense for leading technology opportunities and is active in the crypto and blockchain space. He co-founded several companies including a small publishing firm, an airport logistics development firm, a high return investment fund and is working on a utility token startup in Alaska.

Jim is passionate about how decentralization and blockchain technology will bring a fair playing field to the global economy. Jim has a world view and brings a hands-on practical approach to Vanig’s business development.

Hans Choi — Blockchain Expert

Hans is a Blockchain Developer and Architect. His experience ranges from system analysis, design, development, to process modeling. Hans focuses on payment gateways, blockchains with foreign companies. He has worked with 10 successful ICOs so far helping them define and refine their Blockchain solution. At Vanig he will help strengthen our Hyperledger Sawtooth based solution.

Syed Ali Ridha Madihid — Supply Chain Strategist

Syed Ali is Managing Director at iCommerce Asia , an end to end supply chain solutions provider. He has also been a Supply Chain Director at other major e-commerce companies in the region. He brings with him decade of experience from multiple E-Commerce, Supply Chain and Logistics operations.

At Vanig, Ali is the head of Supply Chain Strategy -Asia at Vanig, he will help us establish, grow and expand in the region.

Jeremy Khoo — Retail Strategist

Jeremy is the retail strategist at Vanig. He is Group CEO of iFashion Group, an entrepreneur and a strategist. He will help Vanig manage and coordinate our retail plans and strategy.

Jeremy started in the ecommerce/retail/events space and exited 3 venture funded companies. Involved in other ICOs and fundraising, recently Novum Capital. Jeremy is our “Retail strategist” will guide the ecommerce business and bring with any potential partnership for Vanig for a smoother operation in South East Asia.

Here is what Jeremey has to stay about Vanig –

“Vanig is currently building a solution to these (and much more) problems. The solution is built on the blockchain, which is a perfect use-case and marries the best aspects of the blockchain with the biggest issues in supply-chain. The problems of multiple intermediaries, high fees, low visibility and lack of tracking is tackled by a scalable proprietary blockchain solution.

By harnessing cutting-edge technology which was non-existent in 2008, I believe 2018 to be the year where supply-chain management gets disrupted by Vanig, leading to a more level-playing field among brands and marketplaces.”

Glen Liu Zhenquan — Token Economist

Glen is a natural born connector with a dynamic and passionate personality, he is a big advocate for blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. He is an investor in multiple blockchain based projects and serves on the advisory board of some of these promising projects. He is now a frequently invited speaker for startup /sme conferences and universities on business strategy, blockchain and ICOs.

Glen will help Vanig achieve an ambitious goal to generate growth to expand Vanig globally. Glen will also assist Vanig with the structuring of token economics, managing private placements and securing regional partnerships for the expansion and sustainability of the Vanig platform.

We are fortunate to have such an expert team of advisors helping Vanig on this journey and we are sure they will help us turn our dream into a reality.

For more information on Vanig, you can visit the website and follow our social media accounts for latest updates and happenings on project Vanig.

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