New Partners onboard Vanig!

At Vanig we are hard at work building an e-commerce platform on the blockchain, which aims to solve the key problems faced by the Supply Chain industry today. To that end we have been hard at work acquiring talent and on-boarding companies to join us in our mission to change the landscape
of e-commerce forever.

Today, we are pleased to announce that these companies have teamed up with Vanig in our e-commerce endeavours:

iFashion group
iFashion is a leading venture platform company focused on investing and acquiring fashion and lifestyle e-commerce ventures based in Southeast Asia. Our corporate strategy is to aggregate businesses via mergers and acquisitions in its sectors of interest to create synergy among the businesses. We are looking to achieve rapid growth through values of collaboration, co-existance and synergistic resource-sharing.

MEGAX is a movement centered around a millennial–driven retail token and developed for a fresh, emerging retail network. It was formed due to the need for a growing pool of independent, exciting, and eclectic brands to reach their targeted market — the exponentially-growing and constantly-shifting
millennial generation. MGX is a store for millennials, by millennials. Carefully sourced and personally curated, they offer products that are either truly unique and not to be found elsewhere, as well as tried and true classic items that we cannot live without. Our selection is unique and ever-changing.
MGX is a Singapore owned and operated multi-label store and they have 6 brick-and- mortar stores islandwide.

iCommerce provide solutions for all end-to- end e-commerce business needs. Logistics operations is the heartbeat of the company and their experienced logisticians go the extra mile to ensure a holistic and seamless process. iCommerce works to connect clients to regional marketplaces to increase their brand awareness. Their eVAS team takes the legwork out of getting your online store up and running. The team is able to provide multiple solutions to help you achieve your ideal online business.

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