New Team Members Join Vanig

As we work hard towards our goal in building a global e-commerce platform, we continue to onboard specialists in the field of e-commerce whose vision can help us shape our path to operating on a global scale. Today, we are excited to announce that we have onboarded two more team members. Here are some details about them and what they bring to Vanig:

Syed Ali Ridha Madihid - Supply chain Strategist — Asia

At Vanig, Ali is our Supply chain Strategist — Asia. As an emerging market, Asia is of key importance and Ali brings knowledge about this vast continent on board to us.

He specialises in helping out supply chain companies in the following:

1. build data & analytics that drive the most informed decisions;

2. build tools that enable seamless processes and operations in key areas;

3. Consulting & other services that address unique needs/challenges.

He will guide Vanig on bringing in logistics partnership and invaluable insight to all stages of the supply chain operations in South East Asian countries

Jeremy Khoo - Retail Strategist

We are pleased to announce that Jeremy has joined Vanig as retail strategist. He has been involved in the retail space in Singapore, and is helping blockchain startups manage and coordinate their retail plans and actions. Jeremy has a diverse history in the startup space, and he has started three companies that went on to be funded by VC’s. He is currently involved with multiple cryptocurrency startups, and has helped raise over $60M for them. Currently, he is involved with the iFashion Group. The group is a Singapore-headquartered online fashion & lifestyle group with direct presence across 6 countries in Asia. They are venture-cap funded at Series A.

The key factors that they work on are:

  1. Developing an ecosystem covering all key vertical markets and customer segments
  2. Building an extensive suite of online tools and platforms that give brands an unrivaled advantage in e-commerce
  3. Partnering with local fashion brands to become their independent regional online partner of choice

As a Retail strategist, Jeremy will guide the e-commerce business and bring with any potential partnership for Vanig for a smoother operation in South East Asia.

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