The Origin of Vanig

Prem Sekaran (Co-founder, Vanig) has been passionate about Retail and Technology, specifically on Process efficiency, automation and Machine Learning. He has been working in the space for well over a decade. Prem’s first introduction to blockchain came with Bitcoin and Ethereum crypto currencies in 2015 and like with other technology enthusiasts been fascinated with the concept of decentralized systems and how it was being used to redefine financial transactions and slowly every other field.

Since then he had been closing following the various projects that were using blockchain and playing around with the idea of using blockchain in Retail E-commerce space in his mind. In late 2016 Walmart announced their partnership with IBM to track the movement of pork from China using Blockchain, and mining giant BHP Billiton was using the technology to track mineral analysis done by vendors . It was interesting use of Blockchain to solve some of the problems plaguing product origin, traceability and transparency that helped these companies have better control over their products.

Prem however was looking at a much bigger view, trying to solve a broader set of problems faced by the Supply Chain and more importantly bringing the benefits over to the end users by integrating these advantages from Blockchain usage in the Supply Chain with an ecommerce platform. Thus the idea for Vanig, the worlds first integrated e-commerce and supply chain solution was born. This was March 2017 and since then we have come a long way, transitioning that idea into a full blown solution, assembling a team of experts and advisors that are best suited to bring Vanig to reality. We are well on our way with the 3 year roadmap for Vanig, our MVP getting its finishing touches and we just launched our token sale and are in private sale phase.

Here is a look at our roadmap:

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