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Jun 25, 2018 · 5 min read

Vanig aims to build the world’s first integrated Supply Chain and e-commerce platform powered by the blockchain technology. Vanig’s aim and vision is ambitious covering end to end services and solving major problems in the Supply Chain and e-commerce Space. We are aligning with industry-leading Supply Chain and Logistics advisors and partners to create a next generation purchasing, delivery and global logistics ecosystem.

In this article we introduce some of the partners Vanig is collaborating with to build the next gen e-commerce platform.


BGroup, headquartered in Italy, with offices in 13 countries and over 20 offices worldwide is a leading logistics enterprise. BGroup handles logistics for clothing and fashion, offering inventory and transportation from manufacturing to store for various major brands and companies worldwide. BGroup is known for using technology and tools to provide continuous and real-time information throughout the supply chain. Vanig is proud to partner with them in Southeast Asia and across their network. Key to the partnership is our joint focus on the fashion, textiles and clothing industry.

Vanig’s vision includes transparency, security, cost efficiency, delightful consumer and brand experience. BGroup will support Vanig as a logistics partner and also support Vanig’s “Know your Brands/Products” process by validating raw materials, finished goods, and certification to increase consumer confidence.

“We are building a next-generation platform with Vanig and BGroup is a valuable partner to have early on providing logistics and Product/brand validation services.” said Vanig CEO, Dan Ramirez.

iFashion Group

iFashion Group is one of largest retail players in Singapore with 10 brick and mortar stores and holding top 10 retail brands in Singapore. iFashion in addition to the various brands, owns manufacturing, distribution and warehouse management facilities. iFashion Group has accelerated its growth by embracing technology and sees Vanig as a key to incorporate the benefits blockchain on their well proven logistics business model.

Top brands at iFashion

INVADE — First real-time online retail booking system in Singapore

FLEAWHERE — Most frequent and largest flea market operator in Singapore

SPACE INVASION — Retailer for shared spaces specializing in grooming homegrown labels

ARTBOX — First and largest creative market brand in Singapore

DRESSABLLE — Leading online women’s fashion store in Singapore with multi-location storefronts

MEGA FLASH — Curated multi-label store for creative goods in Singapore

BLACK BEAN IDEAS — Market leader in corporate gifting in Singapore

MEYKRS — a Go-to place for custom-made merchandises

RED REPUBLIC — Producer of iconic Singaporean souvenirs and gifts

also, platforms. iFashion is the largest flea market operator in Singapore, and they provide shared spaces specializing in grooming homegrown labels.

Vanig will leverage iFashion Group retail store presence and their reputed brands to expand the business further in Singapore the greater Asian market. iFashion brands will pioneer with Vanig as the lead seller to be onboarded to Vanig platform. A Win-Win for both parties as we bring these emerging technology solutions to create efficient, fast supply chain throughput on block chain.

Jeremy Khoo, Co-Founder of iFashion said, “I have always liked Vanig’s vision and have joined the Vanig advisory board in support of our partnership alliance. We are looking forward to designing and implementing blockchain in our company.”

iCommerce Asia

iCommerce Asia offers innovative, intelligent and integrated end-to-end solutions which support and manage sales channels from e-commerce retail to Omni-Channel sales and logistics.

iCommerce Asia’s integrated solution is powered by proprietary supply chain technology includes distribution centers with cross-dock capabilities and seamless drop-shipment including customs clearance in challenging countries such as Indonesia and Vietnam. It also offers e-commerce value-added services such as digital content production and catalog management solutions for their client’s e-commerce channels.

iCommerce Asia’s current client’s portfolio includes major international brands and marketplaces such as Cotton-On Group, c/o Amazon, c/o Lazada and key Singapore brands such as Challenger, Charles & Keith, Kinohimitsu, Sunrise, Motherworks, and HeatWave Shoes.

Syed Ali managing director, Asia joined Vanig’s Advisory board and brings his company, experience and knowledge to Vanig. As Supply Chain Strategist Advisor, Syed will enable us to accelerate development and roll out in concert with iCommerce Asia’s operating platforms.

MegaxStore (marketplace)

MegaxStore / MGX is a Singapore owned and operated multi-label store that have 6 brick-and-mortar stores island wide. They offer carefully sourced and personally curated products that are either truly unique and not to be found elsewhere, as well as tried and true classic items that we cannot live without.

Vanig tokens will be integrated into Megaxstore and it would offer better incentives for Vanig checkout as well as creating demand for Vanig tokens.

Vanig continues to seek and collaborate with other promising partners that would aid in our journey. Look forward to more announcements in the coming weeks.

For more information on Vanig head over to our website and hop on to our Telegram channel for active discussions with the community. You can also follow our other social media accounts for updates.

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Official Blog For Vanig - Best ICO of 2018 | World's first integrated e-commerce and Supply Chain Ecosystem powered by blockchain.


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The World's first integrated E-Commerce and Supply Chain Ecosystem powered by blockchain. | Best ICO 2018

Official Blog For Vanig - Best ICO of 2018 | World's first integrated e-commerce and Supply Chain Ecosystem powered by blockchain.