Vanig Reviewed by Top ICO Rating Websites

We are excited to share that Vanig has recently been reviewed by multiple ICO rating and review websites and the reviews have been overwhelming positive. We are sharing some of the early ratings and reviews with you.

1. ICO Rating (to be published soon)

ICO Rating website is among the genuine rating group as they have a team of experts in house that do an elaborate study of the project, artefacts, market research, research on team and competition etc. They have reviewed our project and come up with a Stable Rating for our ICO. Reading their review report and clarifying to their team on project and solution was quite a good experience for the Vanig team.

Here is a snippet of praise from the ICO Rating report which summarizes our project very well–

“The e-commerce product that is being developed by the Vanig team looks quite innovative and promising. The e-commerce industry could actually benefit from blockchain, which will facilitate the transaction costs decrease and ensure higher transparency levels for all interaction nodes. As the blockchain solutions are becoming more popular in all of the e-commerce domains, the Vanig product will prove to be sought-after by the commercial companies. We expect a strategic increase of demand for such solutions over the next several years. Moreover, the fact that the platform is focused on Asian market is a great advantage in this case.

The problems that the product is intended to address are not far-fetched but rather real and the proposed solutions seem logical and reasonable. The project team consists of various specialists and looks balanced. The team includes a sufficient number of managers, blockchain specialists, software developers, marketing experts and other specialist. “

2. ICOMarks

Head over here for ICO Marks rating of Vanig, with a score of 9.4 and especially a 10/10 for Team, Vanig rates higher than majority of the ICOs rated by the site. Vanig will improve on the two parameters to get the score re-evaluated for the higher rating the project deserves.

3. ICOBench

Head over here for ICO Bench rating of Vanig. Vanig scored a full 5/5 from ICO Bench and an average of 4.8 Rating including expert review so far. Consistent with other reviews the team rating is a full 5/5 here as well.

4. Track ICO

Head over here for Track ICO rating of Vanig. Vanig again scored a full 5/5 from the review.

5. ICO Research Center Review

The analysts at the Research Center are among the first of the genuine review groups that have put out a detailed Review of Vanig. Head over here to read the detailed review.

The review calls out the following strengths of Vanig:

· Four established partnerships (one of which is with the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance).
· Strong and well-connected advisor team.
· Well-populated online community.
· Recent reports indicate that the e-commerce industry is growing.

This is just the beginning, we are going to see lot more reviews of our project in the coming weeks and we can’t wait to share them with you all.

As always head over to our Telegram community for live action and to our social media accounts for more news and information on Vanig.

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