Sunshine City @ Ikebukuro — Disney, Ghibli, Pokemon Centre and more!

Sunshine City is usually not at the top of a tourist’s mind when it comes to visiting Tokyo for the first time. As compared to Shinjuku, Shibuya and Harajuku where it is more happening and prominent, Sunshine City is often overlooked.

I had some spare time during one of my trips to Japan thus I decided to visit Sunshine Plaza and I was floored by the number of activities that you can do there!

Do allocate at least half a day if you plan to visit the aquarium (which I did not have the time for), planetarium and shopping. You will definitely not be disappointed if you are someone who is into character goods and Japanese casual fashion.

Sunshine City is split into 2 categories — alpa which are specialty shops located from B1 to 3F featuring approx 180 shops with a wide range of genre and ALTA featuring a line up of approx 70 shops offering men’s and ladies’ clothing. Today, I will introduce alpa.

Disney Store: Ikebukuro Sunshine City Alpa B1

If you are a Disney fan, do check out the Disney store on B1. Although there is a much bigger store in Shibuya, popular items sold there usually sell out quickly. Hence, you may get a ‘second chance’ when you visit the store in Ikebukuro!

My favourite ufufy series that used to be sold exclusively in Japan. This series recently expanded to other countries.

If you’re not into soft toys, there are tons of useful items with ufufy prints on it.

Tsum Tsum are also available for sale.

If you are a fan of Ghibli, do check out Donguri Ghibli which is located on B1 as well. They sell a myriad of Ghibli merchandise too.

They had a special feature corner for Spirited away!

Aren’t these cups lovely? It costs about 4000+ yen though.

Pokemon Centre: Sunshine City alpa 2F

Apparently there is a Pokemon fest happening in Aug 2017 which is why there is an inflated pokemon right in the middle of Sunshine Plaza. Since pokemon centre is widely covered by many, I will not elaborate on it. Definitely a must go if you’re a fan of pokemon!

J-world Sunshine City World Import Mart Building 3F

Though I did not go to J-world due to time constraints, I would definitely try it out the next time I head to Tokyo! There are quite a number of rides available which you can view here.

Admission Fee

Adult (16 years old and above): 800 yen (admission only); 2,600 yen (unlimited passport i.e. one day unlimited rides)

Child (4 to 15 years old): 600 yen (admission only); 2,400 yen (unlimited passport i.e. one day unlimited rides)

Seems pretty spectacular on the outside!

I lost touch with manga for a very long while now but I’m glad J-world is featuring some iconic manga such as Bleach and Naruto though both series have ended. I guess the fan base is still very strong!

Thank you for reading!