Roppongi Hills Mori Tower — Panoramic View of Tokyo

Roppongi Hills Mori Tower is a 54-floors skyscraper that has one of the best views of Tokyo. The first 6 floors are occupied by restaurants and the top 6 floors are where the art museum (Mori Art Museum) and observation deck are located. The rest of the floors are corporate offices.

To go there, take the Hibiya subway line or Oedo subway line to Roppongi Station. It takes approximately 5–7 minutes to reach Mori Tower.

The Sky Deck is open only on days where the weather is good. Lucky for me, I visited the Sky Deck on a clear day with slight wind. Do note that the Sky Deck tickets can only be purchased AFTER you enter the main entrance to take the lift up to the observatory deck entrance. The tickets are sold through vending machines which are located next to the escalator leading up to Mori Art Museum.

Once you have purchased your tickets, go through the Sky Deck entrance and deposit your bags into lockers as only cameras/phone are allowed to be brought onto the Sky Deck. Though you have to insert a few hundred yen to deposit your items into the locker, the money will be returned to you. :)

Part of the magnificent view from the Sky Deck! Please do not judge the view from my photos because I did not do it justice!

If you are planning to visit Mori Tower during Autumn/Winter, do take note that it can get rather windy up on the Sky Deck. I visited the Tower during summer so the cool breeze compensated for the hot weather.

I didn’t take any photos while on the observatory deck as I wanted to enjoy the scenery more. Just imagine looking at the view through well-polished window panes while sitting on carpeted floors, high chairs or cushioned benches.

I headed to Mori Museum thereafter which is included in the cost of a regular ticket. They were showcasing artworks from South East Asia (where I come from!).

Do visit Mori Tower if you are free!


Address: 6 Chome-10–1 Roppongi, Minato, Tokyo 106–6108, Japan

Regular Ticket (includes entrance fee to Mori Museum): Adult — 1,800 yen, Age 65 years old and above — 1,500 yen, Students — 1,200 yen, Children — 600 yen

Sky Deck Ticket: Children — 300 yen; All others — 500 yen

Opening Hours:

Weekdays and Holidays — 10am to 11pm

Friday, Saturdays, days preceding holidays — 10am to 1am (last admission at 12am)

Sky Deck — 11am to 8pm

Official Website:

Thank you for reading!

To end off this post, I will leave you with another photo of Tokyo Tower

Tokyo, you have captured my heart completely ❤