It’s Halloween 2017

Trump has been president for 284 days.

So far, he’s only bombed a half dozen countries. Unfortunately, that includes a couple of our former allies. Oh well. Diplomatic relationships around the world have been ruptured and the rest are strained.

The Democratic Party is allowed a website. For now…

Israel no longer trusts the United States and Iran is just days away from the bomb, but that’s okay: Trump says he’ll nuke the whole region. He’s followed through on threats to withdraw support from NATO, and Russia is turning Eastern Europe into puppet states. China has similarly taken over Southeast Asia. Japan and South Korea have both announced their intention to join the nuclear club to defend themselves against China.

Domestically, Trump and the Republicans repealed the Affordable Care Act. There’s unrest on college campuses. Young adults are unhappy they can no longer stay on their parents’ health plans until they turn 26. America’s renewable energy initiatives have been halted. We are as dependent as ever on Middle Eastern oil — the same Middle East Trump is threatening to nuke.

Congress would stand up to him, but it has been neutered. You see, Trump has been jailing the opposition and removed anyone who could stand against him. The Supreme Court ruled his actions illegal, but he appointed 5 acolytes to the court and now they’re just rubber stamping his actions.

Americans are horrified, the rest of the world is terrified. The world is spiraling out of control. Trump says it’s okay: He’s just getting started and he’ll be remembered as the best president ever. He may be right. After all, he just announced the nationalization of schools under Secretary of Education Donald Trump, Jr. He promises to rewrite the biased textbooks.

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