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This is my first article on Medium, so I’ll write about something that is crucial not only for graphic designers, but for all the artists, communicators and authors all over the world in the last decade and, hopefully, in the future — FINDING INSPIRATION. I’ll try to have a view as wide as possible on the world of our days — that means I’m going to talk about you, Internet (and yes, I know I should be referring to the Web, but for the sake of the conversation, I’ll use them interchangeably). So, I’ll discuss knowledge, films, comics, books, music and outdoor experiences (yes, you little introverts and sedentary guys, you have no escape — get out of the chairs and have some fun).

Building a knowledge base

To have inspiration, you first need a large knowledge base (or a hint from the gods of entropy — but not many of us get to know that side of the existence so I’ll limit myself to everyday advice).

Wait, don’t stop reading! I’m not sending you back to school!

There is this very good movie, The Man from Earth, in which it’s stated that human knowledge is in an everlasting growing cycle, so you can’t ever know everything. You can master one subject at a time — and with effort, one category at a time.

I have ten degrees, including all of yours… except yours, Will. That makes me feel a trifle Lilliputian. That’s over the span of 170 years. I got my biology degree at Oxford in 1840. So I’m a little behind the times. The same in other areas — I can’t keep up with the new stuff that comes along. No one can. Not even in their speciality.

What I want to say with this is that you might want to catch up with humanity’s work, because, more than sure, you’re about five laps behind. Of course, that doesn’t mean you have to subscribe to every respectable science magazine’s newsletter. But a little YouTube won’t hurt. There are some great channels you should definitely check out, because you can find out new answers to old questions and also old answers to common questions. So here is my list (remember, I only add the ones I’m subscribed to, there are many others for sure; if you know others, comment).

YouTube Science Channels

Kurzgesagt — In a nutshell is a flourishing, well documented channel which amazed me with rich content as much as it did with wonderful design and animation. It’s a pleasure to watch for a graphic designer as for an usual viewer. They release about a video a month on topics like space, time, society, and now, history. I recommend them for so many reasons — better go watch some of their topics when you’re done here.

TedEd is the channel linked to TedX talks, so it’s quite obvious why you should have a look. Psychology and medical studies are their main subjects, but you can find other topics you might enjoy. Easy lessons about being human.

Vsauce is one of the great places on YT where you lose track of time. Just by one video you can see their science makes you so much richer in knowledge.

Vsauce3, the third channel from Vsauce, is presented by Jake Roper. With his original style of presenting paradoxes, WhatIfs and other impractical questions you will surely be caught in the web of his proof.

BrainCraft is conducted by Vanessa Hill and its main topics are psychology, neuroscience ad human behaviour. It’s a good place to learn about yourself.

ItsOkayToBeSmart is conducted by Joe Hanson. He promotes the idea that knowledge should be everyone’s best friend and I couldn’t agree more.

Shots of Awe is maybe one of the greatest projects Jason Silva ever conducted (and he has created lots of great content). A freestyle approach to human existence, technology and behaviour, this channel WILL blow your mind.

A good movie a day

Sure, everyone has different preferences when talking about movies and books, but I am recommending channels that strip out films and turn them into plot issues, philosophy, science and fan reactions.

The Film Theorists over analyse movies to uncover their mistakes from the scientific point of view. Emerging into different realities with MatPat is just fun.

Screen Junkies are mostly known from their Honest Movie Trailers which treat each major production with a critical eye. Enjoy their honest productions!

Wisecrack explores movies old and new from the philosophical point of view. They recommend books also, with great plots or historical value. They have four major shows: Earthling Cinema, Thug Notes, 8-bit Philosophy and Wisecrack edition, one better than the other.

How It Should Have Ended is presenting multiple animated parody endings of your favourite movies.

From movies we go on to comedy-based media.

Comedy Central brings world news to you in the funniest manner possible (which is also pretty satirical too). You’ll enjoy them if you have common sense.

Trevor Noah is the main host of the Comedy Central’s Daily Show, but he has a history as a comedian of his own. You’ll come to subscribe his channel after watching his first video.


Ok, even if you’re not a gamer or a rap fan you should take a look on these four musicians (they’re so much more than simply rappers).

Dan Bull is mainly a gaming rapper with the purpose of making a rap for every major game ever existed. He’s ambitious but so talented. Also, he fights for youtuber’s rights and for everyone’s privacy. Pretty good, huh?

None Like Joshua is mainly a rapper, but his style is so much diverse than you’ll think. Shut down that background noise (Drake) and listen to NLJ.

Boyinaband has a great style and such a good flow. Ok, you might think, he looks like an emo guy, so you’ll skip that. Well, don’t! Appearances are deceiving. Actually Dave is quite schoarly.

Andrew Huang is a great musician, with the talent of turning everything into music. His lyrics are great too (He has a one vowel rap appart from the linked rap without the vowel ‘E’).

If you don’t know ERB, you will. That’s all I have to say.

Graphic Design advisers

This link are for web developers wanting to be designers, graphic designers, youtubers, communicators and any other visual businessman.

Roberto Blake is creative entrepreneur guiding all the designers who need advice on getting on their feet.

Mackenzie Child is a web designer & developer just awesome to follow. You’ll get some great habits and inspirational designs from him. He also has a Design challenge series that turns designs into coded pieces. And he’ll soon release a Design for Developers course to help you even more in learning design.

Comic Books

Comic books are great for developing your imagination and a little bit of geeky culture. I suggest to check out The Comic Book Herald for reading orders and advice and View Comic for reading them for free.

Outdoor Inspiration

Go out first! This is the hardest part. And from there you can do whatever you want — a trip, a vacation, a basketball match. Just changing the environment boosts your brain helping you getting into flow.

This is a bonus for all the conspiracies fanatics. Enjoy!


I have added too much links from my opinion. Hopefully, you’ll find something useful through them. And no, I am not sponsored by any of the channels added. Yet. See you the next time! Go do what you love: create!

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