Logo Redesign

Caution — the fundamentals of an old, inconclusive logo

The branding is essential if you’re looking to make a well-known designer out of yourself. So, how can you be memorable? As Entrepreneur says, you have to be visual, unique and fit into your niche. To build the strong link between yourself and the product or service you’re selling is made by increasing your brand awareness through your logo, as Brian Jens specifies.

Domine Deo Logo. Awful, huh?

Until the middle of January 2016, I had been using another logo for identifying myself as a creator. It’s the one below, to be more exact. It came with an acronym, Domine Deo, which comes from a little mystic mambo-jambo and also resembles The Latin 'Deus', which means God. Ok, it had an emotional attachment for me (or at least some identity of myself), but it meant exactly scratch to my potential customers. So I knew I had to change it that they could match my logo to notions like ‘graphic designer’, or at least ‘artist’.

Something unusual doesn’t make your brand remarked

Of course, the myths making a logo cool don’t help people putting value in it. So I had to use something more meaningful. Starting with a few exercises, I made the logo below (you know it and you all love it — the 3 people who read this article). Yes, you can see the Material Design influence, but not the whole pack of material rules. Yes, I like to break rules. Like IE. The one resemblance, I promise.

Alert — Searching for an ultimate mark

I chose to use a monogram-style with bright colors to emphasize the link I was talking about. Orange combines the energy of red and the happiness of yellow. But actually I used amber for the background, which is between orange and gold, because I am the most valuable sentimentalist per ounce. The color contrast (at the edge of passing the contrast tests) makes it visible, but memorable, with the help of the second layer shadow.

Research payed up — I’m unique through social media

I have been using this logo for some time now and I really see it as a good choice. It is, without arguing, a mark that makes me memorable, and that was its purpose all along. I haven’t written this article earlier because I wanted to pass the test period. I even changed a bit the color scheme of this website to help the logo integration. So I am satisfied with it, but I'll be interested to find out your opinion through a tweet or an Insta direct message. Till' the next time!

Originally published at vanntile.tk.on June 2016