My Designer Story

Simplistic concepts came true just like a game. Actually, this is what happened

I am something of a blast. Of course, everything began like a game. There’s no point being grown-up if you can’t be childish sometimes, said my Doctor. Sorry, I meant THE Doctor. So after I’ve seen hundreds of walls on G+, and found a dozen of incredible artists on DeviantArt, I’ve decided that I have something to say. For the moment, all I knew to do was coding a static HTML page and a pretty lame style for the never-ending divs. So I grabbed a pencil and started drawing. After a week of doing sketches, I took them and made air planes with every and each one. That was a better use than before.

I should have expected the failure. But I have this flaw: I NEVER give up. So, after a period that now seems to be a couple of centuries, I mastered almost every front-end web language and made my first steps into the backend. My Stack Overflow account confirms. ;) Now I like to play expressing ideas with GIMP or other design apps.
These are some of my first shots that I find satisfactory:

Now I try upgrading my style. Do not worry, I’m not a cyberman… I think. I’ve made this website as a portfolio and as blog too. You should expect posts from me in the future. Happy Design!


How much can everything change in a couple of years. I feel like busting my old self.

Originally published at on December 2015

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