Never use a beta on a social app

Or rather, never be a beta tester for an application where you provide personal data, where you make an account for yourself or use it in an active way.

Worst beta experience

I had a rather unpleasant experience with Instagram. I am a web developer, a future programmer and especially a technology enthusiast. Also, I am an Android user who has already participated in half a dozen beta tests for various apps. I like how I can be the tester (and dream about how in the future I will be an app developer). I provide reviews as conclusive as I can, after I have checked all the features possible. Obviously, that turned out in a little OCD behaviour, sending emails to website owners when they have an annoying bug (mostly with the solution included).

What happened

OK, that’s a longer introduction than I wished for, but hang with me. For about 40 days, I had been enjoying the beta version of Instagram (I applied on Google Play as soon as I have seen I can). About three weeks ago, while using it, I have been sent to the login screen, send a verification code and, thoughtlessly, I authenticated. Then, after checking my likes, I went my profile and literally watched while my photos were disappearing. One by one, they were gone. Immediately as I have seen that a refresh wouldn’t gix that, I logged out and checked my Insta from a computer. The photos were really gone. I logged in again, and the thing repeated. Third time the thing stopped. To sum up, half of my 102 pics were gone (but only consecutive images from a precise 3-month period). You can tell I was pissed off, because I knew how awful the support website of Instagram was (PS: being managed by Facebook). After I took a deep breath and checked every support page, I have submitted a bug report with the details. For two weeks nothing happened. In the meantime, I was prepared to write this article, which was going to turn up very different, and to share it to every social leader that I follow. Maybe one of them would share it and make my case herd. Because it’s nothing you can do against a big brand like this. Oh, I have also tried to change back to the default version of Insta, which was not so easy (I had to install it from an .apk). After I have send one more bug report, I wasn’t thinking I would get my posts back. Except one week ago, I was put through the same login process, and TA DA, everything was back to normal. I don’t know if anyone has read my reports and if I should thank anyone or just the update somehow solved a server error, but now everything seems fine (from the basic version of Instagram).

What can you learn from this article

If you have a social account you care about, such as a portfolio or a marketing one, or even a private account you have put hours into, DON’T install a beta version. The bugs inside won’t be funny and easy to report, but harmful and stressful. All in all, this is what I had to say. If you had a similar experience, comment below.

Have a great day and thank you for reading this! Like, share and bookmark this. I won’t even look, that’s rude.