Why I don’t have a Facebook

So, what is my Facebook?

Well, if you asked me the eternal “What is your Facebook?” and I answered Go check my website for that! and you did... but you found scratch: Twitter, Instagram, Dribble, and no Facebook!!! You probably thought that I honestly forgot it, or that I was THAT stupid or that I was playing a practical not-at-all-funny joke. But I was not. What I wanted you to do was to check out this very article and to find out that I have NO Facebook. Wait! Don't stop reading! All this trouble for nothing? Just read the following and you'll have a better understanding of my opinion.

Well, talking numbers, Facebook is the major social network out there: 1.6 billion users, that is 46% of the people with Internet access and 22% of the world population. So, we can surely say it’s the best prototype of global telephone that Michio Kaku speaks of in his Physics of the Impossible. Great! Good communication leads to great results. But wait. Is Facebook actually a communication network? Expressing thoughts, opinions and reactions online and sharing links from time to time? Let me take that question apart.

You cannot debate this: your Facebook is your life in a timeline. Like they wouldn't know time is not a strict progression of cause to effect, but *actually* from a non-linear, non-subjective viewpoint - it's more like a big ball of wibbly wobbly... timey wimey... stuff. Excuse me for that whovian burst. Now, really, a Facebook page contains everything you want and you hate about your past. Any activity there is another piece of your life with a timestamp on it! "Basically, I've never been compelled to share details about my life to anyone with Internet access"(source) And I didn't. And I won’t. Sure, you can have an exchange of views, of art, of jokes, on common interests. But if you ask me to give me your number from behind a keyboard, my answer will always be NO. Sorry, but I really don't believe in Facebook & Privacy love story.

“Our whole service is based on enabling people to share privately. If you think about the difference about the world before Facebook and the world now, one of the big ones is that before Facebook there were always blogs, so you could publish something publicly online, but with Facebook you can share it with a smaller community.”(Zuckerberg on Facebook)

Sorry, Mark, but I don’t buy that. You can sell it to anyone, yourself included, but from the active users’ point of view, Facebook is becoming more and more jammed with large groups where anyone posts whatever passes through his mind and you have no control on what you might end up with. But save God, now we have a sad face to use when we clearly don’t like a post. Sorry, I meant you have a sad face. Literally.

Yes, you heard it once more, social media makes your mind go flat. You shouldn’t use it! Or at least not be obsessed with it (I actually believe that is the objective of every one of us should be). And while Twitter narrows your point of view, Facebook puts you in a constant depression because of the social comparison. You heard it: Facebook is suicidal :)

That was my opinion. Not too well documented, but at least I have reasons why I don’t own a Facebook page. More and more teenagers just make one because everyone has one and they want to avoid the question I began with my article. Not too smart. Not too healthy. To close up, if I ever make a Facebook for myself, tag me with a link to this post so I can remember all these good reasons.

Originally published at vanntile.tk.on March 2016

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