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VP Guides | Access Early Entry Minting for Topography NFTs!


What is early entry minting?

It’s a way of including a wider array of audience members & creatives by lowering the price barriers to entry for Topography NFT ownership. VanPoure Topography NFTs normally range between 2–4 ETH. A portion of the primary sale funds the LiquidiTao treasury, which covers our member’s installation designs that win the community vote & distributes dividend rewards.

During Early Entry Minting, which is limited to the first four weeks after a collection has dropped — Topography mints range from 0.12–0.22 ETH. All collections are included for the first event, which runs the entire month of April!

Discover the latest collections at — they are sorted by element so that you can design according to a specific color story.

Let’s do a quick overview of why collectors might want to pick one of these up! We’ll cover the dividend structure, the VanPoure community culture, and the process of submitting a proposal.


The LiquidiTao Treasury

The LiquidiTao project behaves as its own creator economy, incentivizing experimentation among holders to create stunning physical derivative works. Once successfully executed, the holder qualifies for ongoing dividend rewards that are airdropped for as long as they’re still holding a VanPoure NFT. (LiquidiTao collectibles count, too! They include Topography files as unlock-able content).

The diagram below is a visual representation of how community treasury is structured. The main idea is to provide a beautiful experience for community members to enjoy: 1) the creative design process and/or 2) exercising their voting power & influence on the brand’s trajectory in tangible ways!

Percentages shown are from primary NFT sales

The dividend pool is allocated holders who have already won the community vote for their design proposal. After they receive the community treasury funds and install their design, the photographic proofs of the completed installation are what unlocks ongoing dividends.

Using this strategy, VanPoure progressively elevates the project’s valuation over time as holders continuously raise the bar and inspire each other, experimenting with novel physical substrates and unique creative applications!

How do early entry mints support the community treasury overall?

It is intended to create a more far-reaching interest in designing and executing a physical installation via the LiquidiTao project. Early entry minting provides access to NFT ownership among individuals who may otherwise be priced out from participating.

Installations layouts are quite simple to make using our templates for a submission; take a look at this succinct tutorial on designing a Topography NFT blueprint.

Why can’t I find a Discord for this project?

VanPoure is a community of creative leaders who follow their individual creative processes to inspire the community as a whole. We eschew a follower mentality and believe that in-person celebrations are far more rewarding and memorable than adding yet another Discord to the NFT space.

We don’t have Discord by design. Instead, our celebratory traditions involve customizable invitations for community members to request for in-person installation celebrations!

Shop the Early Entry Mints

Below are the OpenSea collection links by element. Inside the descriptions, audiences will find the metaphysical properties of each crystal element, which may be used to decide the NFT that is best suited for their residential or commercial space.


Cobalt Quartz


Padparadscha Sapphire


Tiger’s Eye

Next Steps for Inspiration

  1. Audiences can check out our installation creative process guide. This featured Tiger’s Eye installation uses two different Topography NFTs intertwined with each other, incorporating smart materials and 3D printing using metal alloys.
  2. Imagine the kind of installation you’d like to create. The .png file onto ChromaLuxe aluminum paneling for a minimal metallic wall, or printed it onto tiles to cover an entire bathroom and shower. Physical substrates like glass can also be used for an ethereal look.
  3. Play with our downloadable templates in Photoshop to your heart’s content! If you want your execution plan to be considered for treasury funds, check out the article How to Submit a Proposal which is the process that submissions must go through for the award process.

With enthusiasm and love, we wish our community members a happy and beautiful time of designing and dreaming until it is time to vote!



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