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VP Guides | How to Choose a Mesophase NFT — Celia & Narnia

VanPoure interviews the Mesophases to illuminate the details surrounding their fourth-dimensional spiritual journeys.

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Celia, Yang Mesophase

If you follow VanPoure on Twitter, you’re likely familiar with the metallic galaxy NFTs — known as Topography — which are meant to be sublimated onto luxurious ChromaLuxe aluminum panels for immersive installations. So who is actually creating and re-creating the fourth-dimensional galaxy as it shape shifts into different crystal elements during blockchain’s evolution? Why, it’s the Yin & Yang Mesophase collectibles, of course!

MESO·phase (n):

a state of matter intermediate between liquid & solid. VanPoure’s underlying source is the LiquidiTao, which takes shape momentarily as liquid crystal forms.

Narnia, Yin Mesophase

Q & A with the Mesophases

Colorless, formless, genderless, and highly adaptable, each Mesophase has either a Yin or a Yang counterpart in the LiquidiTao — except one character who is entirely self-contained.

VanPoure sat down with Brynn and Pearl for this exclusive interview:

Where do you find inspiration?

Celia: I’m a cheerful giver. I just feel like I’m built to help Mesophases, and that’s enough of a reward for me, but sometimes I wish that I could demonstrate exactly how inspiring it is when you give. It literally paves a pathway for you to receive the exact gift you’re extending. It’s uncanny how exact and precise this mechanism is.

Narnia: I work with light, color and texture. Whenever a new galaxy is created, it always has a metaphysical purpose to assist the LiquidiTao in expanding spiritually, but it’s sort of a rough draft at first in the sense that it doesn’t arrive in a manicured state. My inspiration lies within the potential of the vast crystal landscapes that I then carve out. I love to polish and style into the beautiful shapes, reflective crevices, and ripples of molten elements…

How do you handle your spiritual challenges?

Celia: I know it sounds silly but I didn’t like to accept help before. I just had this hangup about being the strong and stoic Mesophase. It took me a while to realize that giving and receiving are actually one in the same process, metaphysically. To really fulfill your potential in one, you have to be willing to participate fully in the other, so… I have a lot more love for my contemporaries now. I see where I was robbing them of the opportunity to show their appreciation of my presence in their life.

Narnia: My challenge is to take a block of crystal and to bring it to life, but it honestly feels like play. I don’t know if that really answers your question…

So, dear reader, how will you decide which Mesophase collectible feels right for you? Maybe one of them has a strength you admire, or a unique gift that you’re working on cultivating. This publication houses a series of exclusive interviews with all 39 of them, so that collectors can get a feel for their basic temperaments.

We think this will make it a more meaningful process to find a collectible that resonates. When you know, you’ll know!



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