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World of VanPoure | Padparadscha Sapphire NFTs Mint in March!

‘Devil in Details’

Holders of VanPoure’s Topography NFTs are monetarily incentivized to design proposals for treasury-funded immersive installations inside residential & commercial spaces. VanPoure provides publicly available templates for members to design an NFT layout as part of the proposal submission. Every quarter, members vote for installations which elevate the project’s brand equity as a whole using the Snapshot dApp!

Today, VanPoure is so excited to announce new bold & bright topography for collectors to play with — the sunset-inspired Padparadscha Sapphire Topography Collection will be here on March 14th. The collection is housed on OpenSea, and these pieces will be included in April’s early entry mint pricing!

Let’s do a quick overview of why collectors might want to pick one of these up! We’ll cover the dividend structure, the VanPoure community culture, and the process of submitting a proposal!

The Basics

The LiquidiTao project behaves as its own creator economy, incentivizing experimentation among holders to create ethereal physical derivative works. Once successfully executed, the holder qualifies for ongoing dividend rewards that are airdropped for as long as they’re still holding a VanPoure NFT.

The diagram below is a visual representation of how community treasury is structured. The main idea is to provide a beautiful experience for community members to enjoy either 1) the creative design process or 2) exercising their voting power & influence on the brand’s trajectory in tangible ways!

The dividends are reserved for those holders who have already won the community’s vote for their design proposal and who utilize our community treasury funds, ultimately sending in photographic proof of a completed installation. In this way, VanPoure progressively elevates the project’s valuation over time as holders continuously raise the bar and inspire each other, experimenting with novel physical substrates and unique creative applications!

Celebration as Ethos

We are a community of creative leaders that inspire one another with artistic initiatives, and that is always worth celebrating! VanPoure has specially designed invitations for installation celebrations around the globe.

We have also decided to nix the traditional use of Discord by conscious design. We want to eschew a ‘follower’ mentality and to encourage instances of creative leadership, so we only use our Medium publication for collaborations, celebration announcements, and featured installation stories.

In this way, the power of narrative surrounding original artistic initiatives can provide a more elevated experience that inspires other holders to grab the bull by the horns and bring their dream installation into the physical plane. Interested audiences should also follow @VanPoure on Twitter for special giveaways!

Submitting a Proposal

Let’s say you love the neon vibe of the Padparadscha Sapphire collection. Maybe you want to sublimate one of the transparent NFTs onto white (or moody black) ceramic tiles for an immersive installation in your guest bathroom. Ooh lala!

Here’s how you might proceed:

  1. Before trying to visualize everything in your head, check out how to use our downloadable design templates for a simple visual solution. They’re set up to fit the NFTs perfectly, and you can choose between horizontal or vertical orientations. Play with both!
  2. Instead of paying for it yourself outright, consider submitting your design for treasury funds! If you win the community vote, the amount in the treasury for the current quarter will be released to you within 7 days, and once you submit photos of the finished work, your wallet address is eligible for dividends. This process benefits the community as a whole, so we wholeheartedly encourage you to submit a proposal!

With enthusiasm and love, we look forward to publishing submissions for our very first round of funding. We wish our community a very happy spring season of designing and dreaming!



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