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VP Guides| NFT Sublimation Basics

Sublimation is a process of digital printing which results in a high-definition finish on substrates such as metal, fabric, and glass. This method is often used in museum installations and for commercial applications where durability and fade resistance is paramount.

VanPoure’s Topography NFTs are transparent, unlockable high resolution files which can be sublimated to create ethereal interiors. In the case of ChromaLuxe aluminum panels, the installation is so durable and waterproof that the substrate is perfectly suited for outdoor use.



VanPoure’s Topography NFTs contain a gorgeous metallic luster with an inlay of luminance to catch the light. Since they look incredibly elegant sublimated onto high-shine ChromaLuxe aluminum panels, sublimation creates enchanting metallic murals from floor to ceiling which are scratchproof, waterproof, fireproof and fade-resistant.

ChromaLuxe murals are not the only pathway for creative applications using sublimation, which can involve any number of physical substrates. However, choosing ChromaLuxe panels as the substrate lends the owner the capability to frequently re-instate a new NFT-derived color story along the walls, effectively changing the energy in a room. A laser level and mounting hardware are used as the bones for the installation to ensure panels are perfectly level. Afterwards, new sublimated NFTs may be easily switched out by simply replacing the panels without any change to the hardware on the wall.

For tips on customizing panels and placing batch orders, consult with our preferred metal print & sublimation partners. VanPoure’s previous work with Canvas and Metal Prints (U.S. market) and LA Chrome (worldwide markets) have produced stunning results in high-definition sublimation.

Real World Applications

If you’re unfamiliar with the LiquidiTao project, the Whitepaper Mini is the perfect place to begin learning about the beauty and utility of topography NFTs as well as the incentives which drive creativity and brand value. When it comes to the creation of instances of spontaneous beauty, experimentation and deviation from the norm are to be expected and encouraged.

Holders are incentivized to design installations with community treasury funds, but this is only where the incentives begin. VanPoure’s community treasury incentivizes individuals to elevate the experience of the collective and build positive brand equity through instances of beauty which can earn them future dividends for as long as they’re an NFT holder.

‘Bang Flash’

VanPoure has no Discord and has designated channels that are better suited for creative initiative can take place. Collaborators can support each other via the channel of intermediaries — this very publicationwhere holders’ innovative work gets featured and celebrated.

Designers, artisans, architects and audience members who want to assist with an installation can leave comments on our featured stories with the best way for our holders to contact you for collaboration. Members can draw upon for inspiration for their own physical derivative works, attend celebrations hosted by other members, and experiment with novel physical substrates to push the boundaries of what is possible.

Airdrop rewards for our successful installers will be distributed quarterly. To learn more about the function of the community treasury, please see About the LiquidiTao project.

With enthusiasm and love, we look forward to publishing submissions for our very first round of funding. We wish our community a very happy spring season of designing and dreaming!



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