Nairobi Peek-a-Boo Sun Sun style

Hi everyone. We have a new writer onboard. His name is Freddie Anyona. And man does he have taste! He is here not only to diversify our content but also to contribute to the better dressing of everyone of our readers so inclined. So, join me in giving a fitting welcome to Freddie Anyona.

Nairobi’s weather plays too much! We do not have the seasons out here in Kenya, because we are in the middle of the equator. What this basically means is that we have either sunny or rainy weather throughout the year. Last week when I wrote about layering, it was raining almost every day and the Nairobi street fashion and street style was full of people in scarves, trench coats and hoodies.

Fashion in Nairobi is very diverse and that’s one thing I have learnt to appreciate. The sense of fashion and style also changes almost every day. We have many personalities and cultures within the country and that translates into how we dress, and what we wear. Apart from being categorized by age, our fashion sense is categorized by gender, within gender there is the lifestyle element , then there is the location element, apart from that we have the income bracket. There is a lot that goes into fashion and style not only in Nairobi, but Kenya , Africa and even worldwide.

For this look, I decided I will stay true to my urban style and fashion roots by wearing my trustee Cheap Monday grey skinny jeans and a thrifted camo print vest (or tank top depending on what part of the world you are in). I paired this with a leather jacket for an edgy look. I wore this to college and definitely my Converse sneakers made the look more complete and laid back. I completed this look with a camo print backpack and a gold watch.

This look can easily transfer from day to night without adding any element, probably removing the backpack would make you look more night out appropriate.

You can always try out this look with a different kind of leather jacket, or a different tank top. A plain color would work as well, like a black vest or a white one.

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